Cell phone setbacks..

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We cannot imagine our lives without a cell phone. For every small transaction we need a phone, for every gossip in town we need a our cell, for good times and for bad times we need it too. Our cell phone is like a best friend and with different phones coming into the picture, we all have a personalised cell with its personalised looks. We are so possesive about it, can we imagine living without it.

In the year 2000, an estimation said that about 92 million people would use cellular phones in the U.S, this number has been growing by one million every month. By 2003, it was believed that the number of users worldwide will reach upwards of 700 million.

In recent years, the widespread use of cell phones has led to increased concerns about possible health hazards, particularly brain cancer. The issue first came to public attention in 1993, when a man in Florida appeared on a popular TV talk show and claimed that his wife’s brain tumor was caused by RF (radiofrequency) radiation from her cell phone.

Are the use of cell phones really injurious to health?

Shall we stop using them?

The answer is no. Cells phones if used correctly would not harm your body. It is advicable to keep them away from yourself when you sleep in the night. Most of the times while chatting in the night we tend to sleep with them, but this practice should be stopped. Cell phone could lead to the following-

–          The radio frequency could harm the brain and could be a reason of stress and tension

–          Long hours on the phone could does not serve good for the ears

–          Long hours of cells phone could lead to insomnia

–          Most of the times we get over dependant on cell phones.

–          Cell phone if kept close to the heart, could lead to heart problems

–          People with Blood pressure should ensure they keep their phones away from themselves for good number of hours.

 Do not stop using cell phones but ensure you take precautions enough so that your habit does not harm you. Cell phones are definitely unavoidable and with globalization it’s not possible to live without a cell phone, infact most of our work happens through our cell phones, but precaution is any day better than cure.


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