Teeth could sparkle now

February 8, 2011 at 7:00 pm Leave a comment

AAAAAhhhhhhhhhh !!!!  that’s the sound you would here when you have a cavity and just after taking a bite of a chicken leg. We yell in pain, curse people around, run from one place to the other until we pop a pain killer in your mouth and calm down. We visit a dentist only when we are in pain but other wise never even want to think about them. “ Are we fools to get our teeth checked when there is no problem??? That’s what we always think but when we are in pain we run to the dentist. Just imagine your mouth without teeth someday ? or Imagine your teeth fall off while you are munching a piece of chicken ?

These days the trend has changed, young guys and girl run to the dentist for cosmetic reasons. Looks play an important part, these days children do not like their teeth popping out, swollen gums or crooked teeth.  Everyone wants to have a Madhuri Dixit kind of a million dollar smile with a nice set of straight teeth.  Not only braces are in but also teeth whitening. Not to forget teeth whitening is yet another trait these days, when young boys and girls want to impress their partners never miss their appointments, specially before their dates. Who does not like a set of white shining teeth. Looking at the current scenario the dental treatments have now moved from charging health related prices to cosmetic related prices. The dentists have started to give a whole set of packages and priced them to fit different kinds of pockets. Dental treatments are now getting a new look of cosmetology, when children put braces, they would nearly cost between Rs 2000- Rs 5000 and the complete process of platting, cleaning, wiring and fitting would go upto Rs 30000- Rs 60000 depending upon the kind of braces you choose, the metal and the number of cleaning sessions.

Dental treatment for whitening cost between Rs 1000- Rs 4000 depending upon the dentist and the number of sittings.  These days children are particular about every aspect of their body and the way they look or carry themselves. Gone are the days when parents use to force children, here it’s just the opposite, children are after their parents.

Another trend that had caught the city for a while was to fit a diamond in a tooth, so that every time you smile, your teeth sparkle, after all our teeth also need to be adorned with jewel.  So brush every night and gargle regularly and have a million dollar smile always.


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