Are you skilled enough ????

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Just like one could get stressed due to lack of knowledge, it is not the only factor, one could have a good knowledge with a great attitude but may lack the right skill. Having a great skill is all about the conditioning since childhood. Every action requires a particular skill. When organizations recruit individuals, they look at experience for a similar reason. When one has got the opportunity to prove himself with the right profile and skill, he grows as an individual. Let us take an example of a Trainer, if he/she has been facing a crowd and been able to put forth her points and instill into the minds of her audience with an ability to explain and empathize with the candidate, he/ she would have the skill of being a trainer. He/She may then not need to do a certification to be a trainer, yes they would then require a brush up to comprehend method of enhancing the skills

So skill is also an important factor in deciding your stress levels. One may have the right knowledge and attitude but skill could land him into tension.

–          Imagine when you have to face a huge audience and lecture on something. You have the script ready and you are full of energy and charged up but when you go up there you shiver in your pants and when you are asked questions you pause, stammer and scratch your head.

–          Now just get a feel of climbing a mountain or even rock climbing, you get up with great spirits and all charged up but it requires a skill to climb up quickly.

–          A similar happening could be noticed when one is use to a particular application on the computer and although he may have the right spirit and have been taught the task many a times, one may not be able to remember or may not be able to operate, a skill is required to complete the task.

–          Skill is more like a talent but the difference is that skill entirely depends upon the past experiences and the conditioning since childhood where as talent is wholly dependent upon the natural ability.

So now I am sure you would think once before you are recruiting employees in your organization or even assigning a task. If this is so important just imagine when one who does not have the right skill is assigned a task, imagine the struggle he has to go through to try his best. There are times he may just be nervous until the day gets over. This thought could stay on his mind all the time and could worry the individual all the time. At this point if the individual is young, he may pressurize himself to learn it but if its an elderly person whose family runs on his pay, it may be a great deal to worry and get stressed.


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