Natural detoxification

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Our routine could get monotonous and boring, many a times we get tired with our hectic schedules and our cyclic lifestyle. Stress takes over and we tend to get irritated, agitated and our energy levels go low, we react to every small thing and we are ready to fight with just a small lit of a match stick. Well this signals that we need a vacation, we need a break from our routine and need to unfold and spend all of that money earned.

Now imagine the same with our digestive system, we make it work every single day . Moreover everything that we eat is not healthy sometimes heavy oil stuff and sometimes junk, lets not forget the spicy food and the alcohol consumption. It’s got to continuously work each and everyday.

Don’t you think it must be getting tired too? And

Don’t you think it needs to go on a vacation?

Will it not get agitated working all the time on a continuous basis?

Its time you give your body and your internal system some rest and a vacation. It requires some pampering and some detoxification. For this purpose the best of dieticians and nutritionists would advice you to go for a one day detox diet. This diet is simple, ensure that you have only fruits and vegetables the whole day. All that goes inside you is raw, do not cook anything. Breakfasts could include a bowl of fruits, while lunch could have a bowl of salads along with a glass of juice or butter milk and dinner could be a glass of juice with some fruits or salads. Moreover dark colored fruits should be chosen for the day, because dark coloured fruits have a high content of antioxidants, which could cleanse your body and give you a better glow.

Raw vegetables and fruits hold more minerals and vitamins than when they are cooked, moreover the fiber content cleans the colon and altogether one could also lose some weight.


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