Work could be stressing…

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A small five letter word could bring pain and agony, it could shiver your confidence and it could even want you to seize your own life. This word is none other than “STRESS”. Stress could have effects on your body, on your health and even mentally. When thoughts keep lingering and they don’t leave you even when you try hard to forget them, they create what is known as Stress and although this word is simple, its meaning its intense and complicated.

Stress could be due to many reasons and it could be anywhere. It could be at work, at a wedding and even at home. No matter where you go, it would follow you and no matter how hard you try it would always stay at the back of your mind. Stress could be created at work due to many reasons. One of the major reasons could be Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. Surprised !!!  How could personal traits be a reason ?

These are infact the major reasons for stress at work. Lets understand each of these-

Stress due to Knowledge

–          Many a times we may have the skill to carry out a particular task and we may also be charged up to carry it out with complete dedication and hard work but what if we don’t know how to do it. It could be stressing.

–          With Globalization coming into the picture, the world has now become one single market and a  new software came in to centralize the accounting of huge organizations. It was called S.A.P. this was the reason of many employees quitting and many getting fired.

–          Not many knew how to operate this new system, although they had the skill and the attitude, organizations were unwilling to teach.  This lead to many having stress.

–          So when you hold the attitude to carry out and you have the skill to do it, no knowledge could make you nervous.

–          Imagine yourself going for a sudden meet and you don’t know the subject of the meet because you forgot to check the mail. Knowledge is missing, what is present is the attitude and the skill, you would then be in tension until your meeting ends.

–          What if a new chartered accountant is hired because your knowledge may not be sufficient, although he would be hired to assist you, you would always hold the fear of losing your designation.

Stress could sometimes be in the form of fear. Fear of getting fired, fear of your subordinate getting promoted or even fear of getting caught, if done wrong. This tension always would stay on your mind, lets go further to understand how attitude and skill could also be contributing factors of stress.


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