Time to tone up…

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Boys and Girls, young men and women and all the people young at heart,  it’s just the right time to move  you’re your body, stretch your arms, lean your back and swing around. Toning up is just the right term. When your body is lean but you have fat collected on certain portions like your upper arms or lower body, what you require is a tone up session. When one goes on a diet program, one usually loses a lot of weight and fat and many times, the skin tends to get lose and stretch marks tend to appear. Here a tone up is required.

But what is tone up?

Tone up is an exercise to shape your body, when the flab becomes lose or when the skin gets hanging , you would still look fat instead of looking flat. Then certain stretches and exercises are done to shape your body and tighten the skin. These are body specific or part specific. So you got to first decide whether you got to flaunt your long legs or your six pack abs. Many people get confused between a weight loss and a tone up workout.

Tone up exercises are not rigorous like weight loss or fat burning exercises, they are more tiring as stretches are done for long periods of time and certain body parts are concentrated upon. Tone up could shape your waist, tighten your belly, wipe off your second chin or even tuck in your buttocks.

Sometimes you would also notice some flesh under your chin, well this is an indication of a second chin and this needs to be got rid off. Some face and neck exercises are a must. Not only this, one could also go for tone up massages which are very vigorous and they help in movement of the fats and shaping the body.

Due to hormonal changes, extreme weight loss, artificial surgeries and liposuction also one could have loosening of fat, one needs to then take out some time for stretching and pushups. This would relax your muscles and shape you up and over all you would feel more energetic and your immunity and stamina would improve. So next time you hit the gym, every time you are done with your workout session, you shall then do some cool down and some stretches to tone up. Tone up is just not to shape up your body but it also shapes up your life….


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