How could you get rid of stress that comes from work ?

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When work gets stressing,  and evenings are tiring.

When you get back home with a headache or yell at everyone in the house.


When you talk only about work and how you proved yourself or spanked at others or office politics.

Its just the right time to realize that your office could get stressing and so could your work. Its time to lye back and understand yourself. We spend most of the time at work. We spend time with collogues more than we spend with family and at this stage we cannot afford to have a bad relationship or feel inferior or get humiliated before them. This is because man is a social animal and he cannot be isolated, when he has people around, you want to interact and socialize. Although professionalism does not allow us to get very friendly, you would still not want to have enemies and rivals at work. A friendly atmosphere is more welcoming.

When you have worked continuously for a long period of time and specially when your job has demanded a lot out of you, you really need to compensate to your body. Since your body has worked so hard, its time to pamper it with all what it has earned. Going out on a holiday or a vacation with your loved ones would please your mind and body. Besides one could also opt for spa day out, probably a foot and a back massage or a head and hair spa treatment would also serve the purpose. These days with the kind of lifestyle we lead, many of the hotels and spas have special treatments for stress relieving and relaxation. Another way for daily stress relief is to go in for yoga or meditation. These could relax you and improve your concentration levels.

When stress is because of a reason like lack of knowledge, lack of attitude or skill. First you must identify the reason, because if you are wrong there, rectification is difficult. If the reason is lack of knowledge then one must sit back after work or take out sometime from the personal affairs to dedicate it to get the right knowledge. If there is a lack of attitude, one must have a 360 degree understanding i.e one must know the opinion of his superiors and subordinates and a conscious effort should be put to ensure a positive approach it brought into practice on regular basis. Besides if you get a feeling of lack of skill, its best to sit back and understand the methodology and implement, if you still feel it gets worst, its time to change your role in the organization.

Many a times there is a fear of someone taking over your position, fear of losing your job or evening getting fired. But remember, your health comes first so do not take it for granted.


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