3 Important Spheres…

February 27, 2011 at 9:16 am 1 comment

A human body is made up of 3 important spheres. These include different systems of our body and its mechanisms. The three spheres are the Psychological sphere, the Physiological sphere and the Physiological sphere. These need to work in complete coordination to ensure the body functions smoothly without any speed breakers. Infact these spheres work in a close knit where even when one is affected, it automatically affects the working of the other two. Lets now understand the three spheres at length. More let’s get into the fact of how these could lead to stress. Each sphere could be made responsible for stress and anxiety and having a control on one of them could have effects on the other two.

The Psychological Sphere

This sphere is to do with your brain and your mind. Our head is the strongest part of our system. It sends and receives messages to all the other parts. When you are hungry or you experience pain, its all about the messages transmitted by the respective parts and your brain does the comprehension portion. Moreover when we think about situations, it’s the brain and the mind which help to decide whether a situation is suppose to be merry making or mourning. Many a times our Psychological sphere could also get disturbed. When we fall down and get scratches, we realize the pain and yell and cry. This affects us and we could get stressed. Some more examples could give a better idea.

–          When we lose a member of the family or when we fall out of a relationship, we are heart broken and devastated, we do not want to eat or drink anything. This would not only affect us mentally but also physically.

–          When we have a bad back and head ache we cannot enjoy a drive in our new Mercedes.

–          Someone who has undergone a surgery cannot think of enjoying his favorite cuisine with spices. Not only because he may not be allowed to but also because, he would not feel like, although it’s his all time favorite.

–          Imagine when your best friend does not turn up on your birthday or your big day. You want him but you cant have him there. Your mood goes for a toss and all throughout your ceremony you have a frown with a thought that you would screw him up when you meet him next.

So your psychological sphere is very important. It could affect your other actions and it could also stress you out. Well its all in the mind and soon we shall learn to control it to ensure we maintain a balance amongst the other two spheres. Lets now jump to comprehend the other two spheres at length.


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Let your eyes see the world forever… 3 Important spheres ….(continued)

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  • 1. Bling Daddy T  |  March 4, 2011 at 4:25 am


    I liked the article that you have written on the human spheres. The spheres mentioned by you are true.

    What I think is that in India still you have people who do not understand the 3 important spheres.

    Yes, one one hand we do have some people understanding these things but the understanding often comes late when the major damage is already done.

    It is time that people understand the requirements for their body, mind and soul before getting themselves deteriorated.

    Hence, it is important to have these spheres inculcated to the people at a very young age so that relevant therapies can be done to stop the future effects.


    Bling Daddy T


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