3 Important spheres ….(continued)

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Physical Sphere

As the word suggests, this is to do with things that our around us, our environment, our surrounding and its effects on our external body parts . Change in climatic conditions, change in routine and its changes could be reflected on our body. We fall ill or land up with pneumonia and stay on bed. This makes us physically unfit and we get agitated. Sometimes while jogging we might just fall because of a stone in our way and land up with bruzes.  The pain could even lead to stress, specially when we have to travel the next day to work in a crowded train. Well these were just some day to day examples to understand how our physical sphere could also be a reason to stress us and how this could affect us mentally.

Now just imagine because of this sphere getting affected we do not eat or drink properly and we also miss out on pending work. The other spheres also get equally affected. When our surroundings affect our body, muscles, bones and other parts, they have worsening effects on our internal body and mind as well.

Some aspects of the physical sphere are under our control while there are some which we cannot predict about. The climatic conditions, our catching of cold and cough and our environment. But what really is in our hands is the precaution part of it.Let’s now know more about the Physiological Sphere and how it could add on to your stress.

Physiological Sphere

This sphere covers the internal working of our body. In our body every organ is allocated a job and each job is crucial. The heart holds the duty to beat and the lungs hold the responsibility of pumping, while the kidneys keeping flushing the toxins. The working inside is the physiological sphere like the digestive system, the hormonal changes, respiratory system and other processes happening within us. The physiological sphere cannot be completely controlled by us but we could definitely take precautions to ensure we do not get it further damaged. Many a times this sphere could also lead to stress. When we eat wrong food and land up with acidity or when we have a heart problem. We get into tension and these could have further conditions. To ensure this sphere works smoothly one has to ensure he has  a healthy diet, good exercise and a stress free routine. This could also affect the other two spheres.


All the three spheres are very closely knit, so one has to ensure that he gets one of them in control, so that the other two automatically come under control. For example when one is hurt, one should feel the pain and not cry about it all the time, don’t skip your meals and just try to divert yourself. In this way, the bruze not only would heal but after a while you may even forget about it. So when a sphere is hit identify the hit and understand which sphere is it going to affect next. Control the hit on the next sphere and in this way you would stop lots of damage to your body. This would also reverse the healing on the sphere hit as well. So that comes as a bonus.


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