Are we having the right substitutes?

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Many a times we live on substitutes, food is something we prefer least. With the kind of lifestyle we lead, its sometimes also not possible for us to opt for food. Lets not forget the kids, who love magi to chapattis and pizzas to parathas. Infact the ones on diet definitely prefer protein shakes to meals and crash dieters, well, well, well….

Food could have easy replacements like nutritional bars, soft drinks these days are replaced by diets drinks. But the cruicial question is –

 Are these really healthy?

Is it worth substituting it for food?

Do they have long term benefits?

Do they fill the nutritional gap?

The answer is simple, when supplements are used as substitutes in food, they would not serve the purpose. The word supplement means an “add on” and they should ideally be treated as one. If supplements are consumed in place of food and meals, it may assist in temporary health concentration but on the other hand they might have repercussions at a later stage. While many think Diet drinks are better versions of soft drinks, they are under a wrong impression. Zero calories and one calorie is good only for the weight and fat loss but for internal body organs they are very harmful. Too much of aerated drinks could also lead to melting of bones, deterioration of organs, appendix expansion and formation kidney stones.

Getting deeper into protein shakes, well they are good when consumed with meals for a stipulated period but when its consumed on a continuous permanent basis. It might create a nutritional gap. Our body is a complex mechanism and it requires regular meals with intervals. These meals should have a blend of vegetables, pulses and fibres. Magi and nutrition bars could be substitutes some times when you are on a particular diet for a stipulated period or when you want to lose some weight or have good muscles but when we are in our routine, this should not be made a practice. Nutritious meals at regular intervals could definitely keep you fit and your body in shape.


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