Do you know your hair type???

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Can you imagine yourself bold and if you can well do you think you would look good ? Hair is an essential part of enhancing the way you appear. Your hair makes you look younger and dashing and not to forget when women have long hair, they look much appealing. So

 How long is your hair?

Do you know your hair type?

Do you have regular hair fall?

Have you tried any treatments for your hair and they haven’t worked?

Are hair colours good ?

Well the answer is simple. There are different types of hair types and each needs to be managed in its own way. The different types are as follows-

Dry hair is due to inactive oil glands. It is also caused by other factors like over exposure to the sun, using harsh shampoo and chemical treatment. Accumulated oil, block the pores not allowing the oil to flow on to the surface. This is another reason for dry hair. Dry hair would need plenty of nourishment.


This is usually accompanied with oily skin. This is due to the over secretion of oil. Hence the scalp and hair gets too oily. Oily hair is easily recognizable. It looks greasy even after shampooing and and attracts more dirt.  


This is the most ideal hair. It is shining, well balanced and does not dry out. They are not too oily and they do not even fizzle out. To maintain this ideal condition a well balanced diet and proper care is essential



-Dry hair is very fragile and needs special care. Be gentle when lathering and avoid any pulling or yanking. Don’t scrub with your fingernails – this will not only irritate your scalp but can cause hair breakage. Brush your lock gently and never when it’s wet.

– Allow your hair to air dry wherever possible. When you must use your hairdryer, blow drying hair should be done correctly – use it on a cooler temperature and aim it down the hair shaft.

– Be careful not to over wash your locks. It’s very easy to strip away the natural oils if you wash it too often. Once or twice a week is enough.


–  Use a mild shampoos, shampoos for oily hair, shampoos for dry scalp, or a baby shampoo

–  Wash oily hair daily, but concentrate the shampoo on the hair away from the scalp to remove the excess oil from the hair, not on the scalp itself, because this can dry the scalp even more

–  Always rinse your hair thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water, because soap residue can make oily hair worse

–  Use a hot oil treatment directly on the scalp itself, gently massaging the oil into the scalp and then rinsing the oily hair thoroughly afterward

–  If hair is very oily, do not use conditioner at all, or use conditioner only on the tips or ends of the hair

– Oily hair is likely shiny enough, so avoid using hair gloss gel or shine hair care products on oily hair

 We shall further understand treatments for hair, to make them shiny and also grow faster….

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