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Beat the Heat

Summers are in and the Sun is out pawing his rays on us. Its now time to change with the changing season.  It’s now time to bring in skimpy shorts and jump in the pools for some cooling. Let swimming be the sport of the season and with these come the shades of the early nineties and the cooling spree. Fashion designers are ready with their summer collections of whites and yellows and the bars are ready with their cooling drinks. While some like it the new way of sqashes and slushed ice, some prefer the old time favorites of butter milk and coconut water.

So how is it that you can get prepared to Beat the Heat this season?

Some tips to keep the heat away and cool the body (more…)


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Cricketer’s regime

Are you a big cricket fan? Do you want your son to be a cricketer? If yes then you know best , how important it is for cricketers to stay fit. Fitness is a matter of issue. Infact in the recent years we have all witnessed a change in the cricket team players. There has been a shuffle and the ones who did not fight the battle were asked to take the back seat. In a competitive world of today it is very important for a player to stay health and fit and fitness is not about a lean body or six pack abs. It’s about the immunity and your body’s resistance to take big steps, jump about, have a tigers run and make scores.  Since one of the widely and internationally played sports is cricket the fever of cricket is full- on. The players have to play sometimes even for 9-10 hours at a stretch so their resistance, body metabolism, immunity and stamina make a big difference.


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An everlasting SMILE

A smile could make your day and a sarcastic one could break your day. Now just imagine that you went to office and your boss does not even smile at you or just imagine when you went to meet a guy/girl for matrimony and they dint smile at all or a scenario where you went for the party and the hosts dint smile. You definitely would not like that besides you may also form impressions about the persons. These most of the times would turn out to be negative.

A smile is a key to success in every walk of life. It works more than a medicine. When you have a major a pain and your doctor smiles, you calm down. A smile relaxes your nervous system and besides it also helps you to find solutions faster. Many a times when we are in a problem, what happens to us is that we black out. Our brain stops functioning and we do not know what to do. In that case when someone comes to us and smiles, we take a deep breath.


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Flaunt your Hands and Show-off your nails

Just imagine you see the flag of your country on your nails, or you see a scenic beauty of the mountains and rivers on a small nail. Would it not look creative and beautiful. You would then want to flaunt your hands all the time and carry a bag of compliments with yourself. WOW, that’s amazing. The new rage that has captivated the hearts of young girls and elderly women, who are young at heart, is NAIL ART.

It is no more important for one to have natural and real nails, if you do not real one, you could easily have yourself a personalized way of making a new set of nails. These would dependent upon your finger size and the nail gap. I am sure the excitement is already building. Once you have made your set of nails, you could cook and wash and have them manicured , just like your own nails. They are like your own natural set but it is important to maintain them. There are two types of artificial nails that one can opt for.. (more…)

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Fight the symptoms of Tuberculosis

The new epidemic that could captivate the country is Tuberculosis. Although it has already won the battles in the rural areas, the urban life is not away from this infectious disease. In the olden days people suffering from these were considered not less than life seizing diseases like Cancer or Aids but with science and technology playing their parts fantastically, we have medication and treatments that could get rid of this disease but again this does not mean that it has lost its dragon like fire. It has still being seizing lives of those who are not aware or they are neglecting it, assuming it’s just a routine problem.


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How important is it for one to be fair?

While the whites and the blonde sun bathe to get tanned, the Asian skin hides itself from getting dark . Let’s not forget the attempts one could make to look fair. Is fair skin in vogue? Is dark skin tone out? While a few are lucky enough to have inherited a good skin tone and complexion, many have to work towards it. Some want to get fair for matrimonial reasons, some want to attract guys and some like it blonde. The eastern culture apes the western culture but something’s are beyond its reach. One gets a skin colour from the land he is born from. The three kinds of skin tones are White, Brown and Black. The whites are normally the ones from the western and the European countries. The browns are from the Asian countries and the blacks the ones from African countries.


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International tastes on Indian taste buds

While some fruits are easily available, there are many which are not so easily available. This is because the climatic conditions of one country may not suit the growth of certain fruits while there are many others which may not have the right labour and equipments. Not many parts of India would grow certain nutritious fruits, but these are either imported or bartered for other fruits grown in India. Lets now find out about some fruits we have not much heard of.

1)      Grapefruit

These are not grapes, these look like huge oranges and once cut they are like sweet limes. They are red inside with fibres which are juicy and yummy. Grapefruit works as an excellent appetizer as compared to any other drug. It is said that smell of the grapefruit reduces the feeling of hunger. This is the reason why people include grapefruit in their weight loss programs. It’s full with the benefits of nutrients, vitamins, potassium, lycopene and refrigerant. Along with these, it also contains calcium, sugar and phosphorous. The United States leads in the production of this fruit.


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