Can you buy sleep ?

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None of the riches of the world could actually buy you the peace that lies within you. Many a times because of stress or tensions of work or personal issues could lead to insomnia. Insomnia is a state of mind where you actually are tired and sleepy and very very drowsy but you actually do no get sleep. You may struggle all night to sleep but there is some hurdle that does not allow you to. This could agitate you and if this continues for a long run you may land up into depression.

When something is on your mind do not try diverting yourself from it. When issues linger around its best when you have spoken about it and shared your heart out. “DO NOT PROCASTINATE” there is never a good time for it, the time is now. This ensures that you don’t have a heavy bag on your mind. If thoughts are still no sorted and solutions to problems are not still found then  one would always have those at the back of their mind, irrespective of they being in a party , in a social gathering or even dancing it the disco.

For the same, the first thing that one must do is to first face your ownself and speak with your mind to comprehend the problem or the reason for the current state of mind. The next step is to realize if you could alone find a solution to the problem yourself, Step three if not, then would you feel lighter speaking it with someone close, like a friend, a cologue or a neighbor. Step four, take out sometime to speak the entire lot at length. If you are not comfortable speaking with the people around then, then visit a councellor, there is no harm, they are experts.

Do not run away from the problem and stay right till the end to resolve the entire issue and you would realize that once the problem is solved the mind would automatically get relaxed and you would feel like someone has taken off a sack of potatoes off your shoulders. Many a times there is a small pin stuck in our mind and that gives rise to many other issue, identifying it is the whole idea. At this time do not opt for sleeping pills on regular basis, besides alcohol is yet another medium people jump for but remember its temporary. You have to get into the core and find out thte roots to get rid of the plant growing inside you and if you get late, it may become a tree.

One you have got rid of your stress, you would automatically start getting sleep in the nights and not to forget sound sleep, you would eat well and not run away from situations, al-to-gether there would be a sense of achievement.


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