Can your taste buds be altered ?

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When we hear of the CHEESE, Burgers, Pizzas and Chocolates, our mouth starts watering to the core. The saliva starts dripping and we want to eat it soooo badly. Now let’s think about green leafy vegetables, oats and fruits. Well they are not as appealing, our hunger might just get rest.

Have you heard of people gulping down scoops of ice creams or bars of chocolates when they are stressed. Well it’s a simple funda. When we are stressed our taste buds attract things that are sweet, with high content of sugar, its not necessary that one gulps down sweets but one could also gulp a lot of carbs. Carbohydrates that would not only shut the stress up but also fill up your belly for it to have nothing to say….HAHAHAHAHA….

Well does it mean that ice creams and chocolates are stress busters?

Should people opt for chocolates when they are angry?

Are burgers and pizzas easy way out of depression?

Well, Well, Well the answer to this is a big NO. None of these are stress busters or relievers. They are nothing to do with your head which is worked up. They are only things that you like and its all in your head. When your mind is angry, its concentrating on something that you don’t want. On the other hand you consume things that you like so you are having things that you like but the frustration of the first is making you have excess of it and finally you land up into obesity, diabetes and cholesterol. These are only a few from the list of many. This is the reason why people do not opt for fibrous food like salads and fruits when they have a craving. The crucial question here is “ Can you change your taste buds?” and the answer to this is also No, its not about the taste buds, its all in the mind.

What really needs to be changed is the mindset. We hold a liking for junk, not because of the taste alone but also because the way it is presented. I am sure what comes to your mind are the menus of restaurants. This is perhaps the only reason why every food needs garnishing. It’s all in the head. If a nice garnished salad is presented to you, I am sure you would not deny it. So its all in your mind. We look at certain food items and we build a perception around it. This Perception does not change and so our likes move in the same direction. Bottom line your taste buds would not change, what could possibly change is your outlook.

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