Some Amazing and Relaxing Treatments….

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Hair Spas are sooo in!!!

Let it be a cousin’s wedding or a house warming or even your own wedding for that matter, hair spas are in . People go for days before the wedding for long treatments. These hair spa treatments vary from occasion to occasion, hair types and even program duration.  Treatments cost could vary from a simple 500 rupees to a 50000 rupees.

The kind of lifestyle we lead today demands a lot out us. Busy hours, irregular meals, junk consumption could lead to stress and trauma. “Stress” a small word with a big meaning and the big meaning could be devastating.  It could lead to skin and hair disorders which could really change your look so a spa treatment on regular occasions is a must.

Relaxation is when your mind is calm and you enjoy the moment with everything that you already possess. Sometimes we run after Money and sometimes  Fame and sometimes we even run after Success but what really happens in this run, we land up with stress and tiredness from a cyclic lifestyle with loads of work and no time for ourselves. We land up not socializing with are near and dear ones. We are so caught up with our own set of appointments.

Between all of this the mind needs a break where it can rejuvenate and relax, where the thoughts could get a gap and your mind comes to a state to peace. It gets energized to take up task of the future. One could then opt for paradises which vary from the Malaysian Sands to the palaces of Jaipur, most of the resorts for rejuvenation hold some differentiating factors like rose petal baths to open air salt jaquizies. These days one need not go to the hot water springs, these springs come at your door step and not to forget oyster massages and fish pedicures, which are just a common practices.

But its not necessary to go out to one of the finest destinations. One could even take a break from his routine by taking a long holiday from office and switching off his cell phone. Then one could plan a routine where one includes a workout session, with healthy meals with short intervals of about 2 hrs. Plan Outings with friends and family and daily picnics to local destinations could also be a good idea. Eat right, work right and burn right…..sip coffee by the bay or a beer in a pool. Its all about your own idea to relax and rejuvenate.

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