Do Men Experience Hormonal Changes- Prostate Conditions (continued)

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–          Are prostate conditions harmful? Does it have side effects?


Prostate conditions are normal amongst mid aged men and although one should consult a doctor at the earliest possible, one should know that it is not harmful. The enlargement is not harmful but it definitely intervenes with a lot of other aspects. It affects the sex life and besides the pain could sometimes get unbearable which could even be a problem in ones routine. Besides one could have a discomfort all the time and once the gland is enlarged, it get prone to diseases and formation of tumors. This could be harmful for the bodies and the life of an individual. So if one experiences an enlargement, one should not worry, its best to not wait for long, one should consult a specialist at the earliest possible. On the other hand it is not a state to panic about but do not procrastinate.


–          Are there any common symptoms of prostate conditions?

When one experiences a prostate condition, some common symptoms that one could notice in his routine are as follows-

  • Enlargement  of the prostate gland
  • As slight swelling around the genitals
  • Excessive pain around the area
  • Discomfort while sitting and walking
  • More prone to infections and tumors
  • Pain during urination
  • Dribbling at the end of urination
  • Blood in your urine
  • Urinary tract infections

–          Can precautions be taken?

Prostate problems can be easily cured in the first stage where the doctor after viewing the examination report, prescribe certain antibiotics. But if, discovered at the second stage, that person is referred to hormonal therapy and radiation remedy. Sometimes, the affected tissues of prostate gland can be removed. But on third and the serious stage, specialist suggests going for prostate surgery and after the surgery, some men feel impotency. But the better way to avoid prostate problems in men is to ensure a good exercise. For which, specialists advice to go for at least annual checkup, if you feel any such symptom then fix an appointment with doctor or improve eating and living habits to take care of your body machinery.

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Do Men Experience Hormonal Changes- Prostate Conditions Beware of Fibroids ???

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