Do Men Experience Hormonal Changes- Prostate Conditions

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Do men experience hormonal changes?

Do their bodies get affected in the process (hormonal change)?

The answer to this is YES, just like women go through hormonal changes four times in their life span, men also experience hormonal changes but they experience it twice. Once is at the time of puberty and the second one is when one steps into his forty’s. This is a crucial period  when a man experiences a lot of changes in his body, his immunity levels drop, he falls victims to a number of body conditions and disorders and not only this he also starts putting on weight on his upper body and chests grow heavy . One change that a male organ could experience is an enlargement of his prostate gland. Lets understand this at length.

What are Prostate glands?

Do all men have these and do they all experience changes?

After what age does this normally happen?

Is it harmful / Does it have side effects?

Are there any symptoms of prostate conditions?

Can precautions be taken?

Comprehension of these in detail would not only knowledge one on the subject but also alarm you to take precautions at the earliest possible.

–          What are Prostate Glands ?

The prostate gland is an internal male organ that produces the fluid that is combined with sperm to make semen. It is an organ about the size of a chestnut and consists of glandular and muscular tissue. It is situated below the neck of the bladder, encircling the urethra. The prostate gland produces a fluid that is secreted into the urethra at the time of emission of semen, providing an added medium for the life and motility of sperm. It is probable that prostatic fluid enhances fertility.

–          Do all men have these and do they all experience changes?

This is commonly mistaken, many mid age men believe that the ones who experience enlargements and suffer from prostate cancers are the ones holding these glands, but they are all under a misconception. Every male has a prostate gland and not all men fall victims to the enlargements or to different changes. So in simple language, all men have these glands but not all of them experience changes.

–          After what age does this happen?

Prostate conditions or enlargements or malignancy do not have a particular age. It’s normal when one experiences after mid age or in his forty’s. When one experiences this at an early age, one should not be under a wrong impression of having prostate conditions, a check with a general surgeon is the best option to help you decide the condition. Do not worry about it if you experience this after you have grown 40 yrs.

We shall soon find answers to the remaining questions to understand the precautions.


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