Melted Wax Treatments

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Have you seen wax candles? They are smooth and shiny and they look like they have a layer of oil draped around it. Imagine your skin shining like paraffin wax or imagine your nails with a sheen of wax on it. This would come to your surprise that these are the real natural ingredients used to bring a shine to your nails and toes. The history of paraffin wax is not recent, the wax therapy goes back to ancient Roman empire, where it was used for massage therapy for numerous health and cosmetic benefits. Infact Cleopatra who was famous for her skin and her looks was known of having wax massages before she bathe in the rose petal bath tubs. Paraffin wax is also used for cooking purposes, especially when it comes to preserving foods like candies, chocolates, fruits, canned vegetables, tinned fish and condiments.

 The process of utilizing wax for cooking involves melting the wax, and then incorporating it with the particular ingredients, in order to preserve the food and give it a shiny appearance. Today, paraffin wax treatments are carried out in expensive salons and spas, where it is combined with pedicure and manicure to improve the look of hands and feet.

Melted wax therapies are spa treatments that are mainly carried out to soften and moisturize the upper layer of the skin, by immersing certain parts of the body in melted paraffin. Wax melts at a low temperature, and  hands, feet and other parts of the body can be dipped  without the fear of any kind of burns or blisters. Melted wax could also be used as a facial mask or a face pack. However, the face is not directly submerged in melted wax because if the temperature is too high and the wax is too hot it could even give some kind of rashes to the skin. A gauze mask is wrapped to cover the face, and then warm paraffin wax is brushed over it with ease. Warm melted wax absorbs and retains a great amount of heat, and when a particular part of the body is completely submerged in melted paraffin and then taken out, the wax solidifies around quickly.

The heat which is then transferred can assist to open up the skin pores and improve the blood circulation of the body, which gives the skin a more radiant and refreshing look. Additionally, warm melted wax would also moisturize and nourish the skin, making the skin smoother and softer. People normally opt for wax treatments before their weddings or a special occasion. Warm melted wax therapy can also prove helpful for a number of health conditions. The treatment can immensely help people suffering from knee joint pain and stiffness, caused by arthritis, muscle spasms and tendonitis. It is widely used for the treatment of sports related injury. As paraffin treatment can moisturize the skin, it can alleviate skin conditions like eczema, extremely dry and flaky skin and psoriasis

This treatment could relax a tired hand, and alleviate the joint pain and stiffness caused by arthritis and other medical conditions. Al-together one must definitely try this treatment to get great results naturally.


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