An everlasting SMILE

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A smile could make your day and a sarcastic one could break your day. Now just imagine that you went to office and your boss does not even smile at you or just imagine when you went to meet a guy/girl for matrimony and they dint smile at all or a scenario where you went for the party and the hosts dint smile. You definitely would not like that besides you may also form impressions about the persons. These most of the times would turn out to be negative.

A smile is a key to success in every walk of life. It works more than a medicine. When you have a major a pain and your doctor smiles, you calm down. A smile relaxes your nervous system and besides it also helps you to find solutions faster. Many a times when we are in a problem, what happens to us is that we black out. Our brain stops functioning and we do not know what to do. In that case when someone comes to us and smiles, we take a deep breath.

A smile need not be fake and more than anything it does not even cost a penny. Although it does not have a price tag to it, it’s worth millions. Not everyone could smile. Faking it is easy but a genuine one is always felt. The aviation and the hospitality industry hunt for people with amazing smiles because that’s the first step towards making an impression. Not to forget impressions last for a life time.

Everyone dies to have a million dollar smile like Madhuri Dixit, well known Indian actress, infact there are dental clinics who set up your teeth to give you a perfect smile with shinning teeth. These treatments cost a bomb, You could not only frame them but also floss and whiten them.

The different kinds of smiles are as follows-

1)      The Hearty Smile– This is known as the honest from the heart, real and sincere smile.

2)      A Tightened lip smile– A favorite of many people, do you find physically tight-lipping a joke or an annoying person while attempting to wait forthcoming.

3)      A Dealer’s smile– A very materialistic smile normally over a negotiation of a formality.

4)      Sarcastic smile- One could have sarcasm through his smile. The words have an underlining meaning.

5)       Loser’s smile– This smile happens when someone loses a huge hand and wants to give off the depression that it doesn’t topic that much to him, usually in response to some laughing comment by the hand’s winner.

6)      Depressing smile– Half the mouth will look like smiling while the other half frowning at the same time

7)      Helpless smile– When you don’t know what to say and you smile, you are in a helpless position and you smile.

So next time you smile, just make sure you have put up the right one to leave behind the right impression.


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