Flaunt your Hands and Show-off your nails

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Just imagine you see the flag of your country on your nails, or you see a scenic beauty of the mountains and rivers on a small nail. Would it not look creative and beautiful. You would then want to flaunt your hands all the time and carry a bag of compliments with yourself. WOW, that’s amazing. The new rage that has captivated the hearts of young girls and elderly women, who are young at heart, is NAIL ART.

It is no more important for one to have natural and real nails, if you do not real one, you could easily have yourself a personalized way of making a new set of nails. These would dependent upon your finger size and the nail gap. I am sure the excitement is already building. Once you have made your set of nails, you could cook and wash and have them manicured , just like your own nails. They are like your own natural set but it is important to maintain them. There are two types of artificial nails that one can opt for..

1)    Acrylic Nails- This a power and a coating is made to create a fake nail on the real one and the choice of size is completely yours. These are called nail extensions. The powder is used along with the monomer to apply artificial tips to nails. Nail glue is used to secure the tip

2)    Gel Nails- These are similar to acrylic nails and they too are called nail extensions. The question that arises then is “How are they different from acrylic extensions?”. Well they have a glossy look and they are made of a gel instead of powder. They cost a little more than acrylic

One could opt for any of these, these last for about a month but after the 20th day of carrying out this, one needs to go for a small refilling to hide the new portion of the nail grown from below. Besides if one is unable to have these for long, another simpler option is to have artificial glue nails which last for about 2days. These are stick-ons. Once these nails are made, you hold the option to design a dragon to a fish or a flag. The designs are innumerable and they speak about human imagination that crosses bounds. SO what are your favourites ???

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