Cricketer’s regime

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Are you a big cricket fan? Do you want your son to be a cricketer? If yes then you know best , how important it is for cricketers to stay fit. Fitness is a matter of issue. Infact in the recent years we have all witnessed a change in the cricket team players. There has been a shuffle and the ones who did not fight the battle were asked to take the back seat. In a competitive world of today it is very important for a player to stay health and fit and fitness is not about a lean body or six pack abs. It’s about the immunity and your body’s resistance to take big steps, jump about, have a tigers run and make scores.  Since one of the widely and internationally played sports is cricket the fever of cricket is full- on. The players have to play sometimes even for 9-10 hours at a stretch so their resistance, body metabolism, immunity and stamina make a big difference.

More over the game involves the pressure of organizing the players on the field, deciding the ballers, the batsmen and the entire staff. In that case a cricketer should not only be physically fit but it is equally important for him to be mentally fit and sharp. All the three spheres of his body namely the Physical, the Physiological and the Psychological spheres, should work in complete coordination to give best results.

Its not easy for one to undergo a sports training and exercise regime- their regime is usually divided into 2-4 sessions a week with certain body part exercises

  1. Sqats– This is done with bodyweight, dumbbells or a barbell and it trains your hip mobility, legs, shoulders and trunk in one go. It’s a tough exercise but will get you great improvements if done with the right technique. This gives flexibility to the body.
  2. Romanian dead rift – Your hamstrings exist in cricket to extend your hip while you run. This trains you in the same way and helps prevent injury. Good form is vital here, as is keeping the weight low.
  3. Hang pull–  This is done to allow the body to get lighter and the body could have big leaps and jumps and striding would get simpler. It helps in the over all moves and balling specially.
  4. Chain up – The best back exercise on the market and it’s free to use. It’s the best for the upper body and it also helps in shaping the shoulder muscles and giving it some flexibility.

Besides these the workout starts with a warm up session of stretches and goes ahead with a 20-40 minutes of cardio and these are then followed by a set of exercises and weight training sessions. So if you want your son to be a cricketer when he grows ups and play for his country’s team, you know how should start preparing for it.


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