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3) Being cheated by a partner may be personal or professional

There are always rules and regulations and breaking those is always fun. Cheating in examinations and hiding problems are at small ends but this takes a big turn when you grow older. Tendencies develop due to ones conditioning and experiences since childhood, where one would feel guilty cheating while there are many who do not regret at all. The one who is cheated is devastated. When it comes on the personal front it could be killing. Imagine being deceived by the one who really loved all your life and could die for. This is a serious problem. One should make a first decision to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Disclosing to the family is one of the early options.



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What goes around comes around …


A relationship is like a delicate thread and there are many reasons for its breaking. It could be either one of the partners deceiving or personal adjustments or taking each other for granted.  Before one thinks of separating one should think twice and even go on to think thrice. Any breakup has its negative effects unless one of the partners has already found a partner but there is always a bag of guilt attached. Most of the splits and the break ups happen because of a simple reason and the reason is “COMMUNICATION”.


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Does life always go the way you want it to go?

“WANTS”, this is the root cause to most problems. We all have wants and desires and these are unlimited. Once to accomplish one thing, another one waits in the queue to be accomplished. Our plans are designed and we work mechanically to accomplish them but when something falls out of structure, it gets de-motivating. Sometimes we also tend to wind up the entire thing all at once.  If one solves issues in his head in the beginning of the problem, where he either ponders over the solution or decides to get away with it or talk it out, he would not get into a depression.

Some of the major reasons why one falls into a depression –


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Depression – The core reason to every problem

With the increasing population, there is immense competition these days. Mushrooming of Educational Institutions and International Bachelorette Degrees have led to immense accomplishments of goals and objectives. In this difficult race of life, one has to play innumerable number of roles. Moreover each role has an expectation attached. When we play such roles, we are forced to meet those and when we try to meet many of those, we lose out on our energy and this leads to stress. Year 2009 had seen the worst of times for the working class. Recession had blanket the market and every organization was like a ship in the storm seas. The only objective each organization had was to survive. It was the survival of the fittest and in that race many lost their jobs. Many households were unable to afford a square meal. Well these days we have enough reasons to keep us stressed but soon we shall learn how to handle it.


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Could carrying weights make you lose weight?

We all have an exercise routine. Some prefer three days of cardio and two days of weight training while some prefer carrying weights everyday. Well it’s all dependent on our body types, structures, shapes and sizes. Lifting weights could make you look bigger and huger by giving you a big frame and on the other hand weights could also make you lean and lose kilos drastically.

So weights could definitely drop down the extra kgs on areas one is heavy on. There are two types of weight training. One where you carry HEAVY WEIGHTS and the other where you carry LIGHT WEIGHTS. HEAVY WEIGHTS are carried on a very regular basis to build heavy muscles. They not only give shape to the body but they make it more muscular and if one has a good intake of proteins the work gets simpler. One puts on weight and also stamina to carry heavy weights. These are a usual act by BODY builders or persons in sports like boxing or weight lifting. Infact it’s now even a trend in Bollywood and Hollywood to have frames like HERCULES. Not to forget the youth who is inspired by the film industry do not stay away from these. After all who would want to miss a chance to look like John Abraham or Salmaan Khan.


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Health and Wellness – “BOOM PERIOD”

We all know about the World Health Organization (WHO), which is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) . It ensures proper coordination of all the nations in terms of health and wellness. It unites the cause of human health and it aims the well being of the world making it a better place to live.

Although the ultimate goal of WHO has always been primary health care and a better health for all. World Health Organization has also concentrated on many other areas like Diabetes, Obesity, Polio and funded many nations for the upbringing of their Health of humanity. In the recent times WHO has identified five key elements to achieving that goal:


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Your Thoughts Make You What You Are…

Think of yourself as a king and you would feel like one. Now think of yourself as a poor person and your present state would eat you. We are what we want to be. We have the power within us. We all have energy flowing around us, It’s within us and on the outside.  Most of the times we make unintentional choices. We choose to drive positive and negative energy to come close to us or send back. These energies are created and driven by our thoughts.


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