Magnetotherapy- Let magnets play with your Body

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Science classes were always boring. Specially learning chemical compositions, scientific formulas and physical analysis. Sometimes we also played with science, remember the dissection of d cockroach or understanding the human body, playing with the skull.  Well although not many grew up as scientists, science has definitely been a boon to all. Today most of the creation of our daily use have to be a product of science and technology. So science has been very supportive to not only accessorize us but also give us the boon of medicine and healing. One of the most exciting methods of problem solving and healing is Magnetotherapy. It  is considered as very effective in alleviating pain and stiffness. When the body comes into contact with magnets, the magnetic waves pass through the tissues. This induces secondary currents to produce impacting heat and thus it reduces pain.

We have played with magnets and understood the NORTH and the SOUTH poles. We have tried sticking them and they repel. These small childhood experiences are major methods of getting rid of pains and stiffness. Its not necessary for one to get the magnet in contact with the body, one could also consume water stored in magnet containers. Magnets have the power to promote the growth of cells and they increase the number of healthy red blood corpuscles. The red blood corpuscles contain hemoglobin and the hemoglobin contains iron. The magnets influence the iron in the blood through which it reaches every part of the body. Thus, it removes calcium, cholesterol and other minerals that get deposited. People who have family histories of these should start the therapy to get no where close to these body conditions which are irreversible.

Magnets have the potential to clean, purify and ionize the blood. The flow of ionized blood takes place easily and there is no clotting. Activities of the heart and the blood pressure are at ease. Secretion of hormones gets regulated and it also improves the skin luster.

Magnetotherapy does not require medicines and injections. Magnets alone are enough. Magnets of different shapes, sizes and strengths are used to regulate and strengthen the natural system and preserve the balance of magnetic field in the body.

In magnetotherapy,two types of artificial magnets are used. These include the following:

  • Electro-magnets: These magnets work only when connected to electricity.
  • Permanent magnets: These magnets get charged with electric current and they remain magnetized permanently.


Magnets have proved to cure problems of Arthritis, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. One could also prepare a magnet box for himself at home. A box that would have disc shaped magnets on both the ends. One needs to ensure that both the magnets face each other by opposite poles and then water is stored in it for about a day. This water should then be consumed early morning , empty stomach to see best results. Try this and do give your feedback, if know more , you could help a soul.

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