Power of Pyramids

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The Egyptian believed that pyramids were a sacred body. There cremated the dead bodies in the pyramids and not only that were those bodies wrapped and mummies were buried in these pyramids, these were done with a purpose to save their bodies and last them for ages. It was believed that pyramids have energy to last objects and this was used constructively to safeguard life after death. Not only this, most of the sacred places have pyramid shaped figures in the vicinity and not to forget the tops f the temples normally are in the shape of pyramids. This is because pyramids have always  been an object of mystery.

The recent experiments that were conducted on small prototypes of Pyramids reveal that there exists an unexplained energy. Grapes kept in Pyramid for five weeks were dehydrated. Milk turned into Yogurt inside the pyramids. Vegetables remained fresh for a long period of time. Plants grown inside the pyramid grew faster and had better health and were free of pests.

Each side of the Pyramid represents the five elements and Earth, Air, Fire and Water is of meditation importance.

-The north face of the pyramid is associated with the earth element and relates to material gain

– The eastern face is associated with the element of air relates love and peace of mind.

– The southern face is associated with fire, relates to protection and a red triangle is stuck on this face.

– The western face is associated with water, relates to health and strength and a silver crescent is stuck to this side.

Pyramids are extremely beneficial if one wants to meditate and if one wants to concentrate on one particular aspect. Many a times we get disturbed due to environmental factors, cultural reasons, family and peer pressures. In that difficult hour pyramids could be of great support. Not only is meditation good but according to “VASTU”, pyramids could be placed in the corners of the rooms. They give energy. Besides some of the other health benefits are as follows-

  • It can cure Insomnia if kept under the bed. Keep your pyramid under the bed if you find sleep hard to come by. Do this for a few days.
  • Water kept under the pyramid acquires medicinal values and can be used for drinking, cooking etc. Do this for a few days and feel the positive energy flowing through your system.
  • Placing a Pyramid under the study table of young children increases their memory and concentration.
  • Food and beverages kept under a pyramid acquires added flavor, more revitalizing factors and is preserved longer

Next time you plan a holiday; do go to  Egypt to see the pyramids that have given us its shape to prosper.


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