Sound Therapy- The Magic of Listening

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Can sounds effect the way we think ?

Can sounds change our moods ?

Can we feel better or worse with different sounds ?

The “Beep” (horns) of the cars, in the traffic could make you yell and the hissing of the bees in a quite room could make you shrill. Well sounds have a great impact on the way we live, our mind, body and our soul. Some sounds could make you feel at peace. When you go for a dinner with family in a sophisticated restaurant, you would notice, the light and soft background music they play. This is because this pleases the ears and creates a mood for a pampering meal. But what if you go a lounge for dinner with friends? They would have loud music with beats or trance with dance floors and shiny disco lights. This is because sounds create the ambiance and the atmosphere for the right mood.

When we hear the holy prayers, we feel relaxed with not only the words but also the sounds and the same goes with Christmas carols. We get relaxed and our mind gets refreshed. We feel close to God and our mind comes to peace. Not just imagine a car passes from there playing some loud music, at that hour even if it was your favorite track, its more like a disturbance, its troublesome. This is the wonder of magic. The new therapy that is getting recognition is the sound therapy. This therapy concentrates on using the senses to the optimum level. The sense of hearing is soothed. The patient with a particular problem, whether physical or psychological, is completely heard and then dependent upon his medication and the experts’ advice. He is asked to live in a particular environment where either he is made close to natures objects or sounds of the ragas or sounds of pleasing musical instruments like the sitar and the sarang. The guitar, the sarang, the flute, the violin and the sounds of the nature’s objects are sounds of healing. A different vibration is required for a different problem.

Sound therapy concentrates on controlling the problems of the person with the help of variations in the sounds. These kinds of therapies require expert judges who decide the right sounds for you.  The human body is composed of 70-80 % water in which all of our cells naturally vibrate at a certain frequency.  It is commonly known that water is an excellent conductor of vibration and sound waves. At some places tibetian bowl are also used. These are 7 bowls of 7 different metals and while playing these, a massage is done to relax the muscles and loosen your mind. The sound therapy is a great way to get rid of depression and anxiety besides it also helps to cure aches and pains


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