Vinotherapy- Wine to sooth your body

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Imagine when you take an off from your routine and your hectic schedules, from your cell phones and your electronic gadgets and you dip your body in a tub of wine. Warm wine that sooths your skin and the aroma that is inviting you to quench your thirst. Vinotherapy is the new therapy that has attracted the rich and the famous. The name suggests, the word “Vine” comes from the Vineyards and the therapies that have their source in the wines. Vinotherapy describes a beauty therapy process where the residue of the wine pulp is rubbed on to the skin and the aroma of it is steamed to make use of it internally. Wine acts as a detoxifying agent which cleanses your body externally. Vinotherapy is becoming popular in holiday resorts in Spain, Portugal and France where spa treatments including vinotherapy are offered to visitors.

Spas were once upon a time places that kept wine and food away from human body but today the definition is changed. They use natural edible products to give you natural flavors that detoxify and they also form contents of their masks, therapies and treatments. From flowers to fruits and now from chocolates to wines, they definitely know the right way to sooth the senses and attract souls. Apple and Papaya masks, apricot scrubs and banana pastes with mint facials and wine washes are definitely the most tempting and on and above that chocolate baths, just the dreamiest holiday.  Just imagine soaking in a tub of wine-laced spring water .  Vinotherapy is the practice of using wine by-products for spa therapy, gives new meaning to the French paradox of healing the body with wine. The practice of spa vinotherapy originated at the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte in Martillac, a town in the Bordeaux region of France. These wine therapies slow down the aging of body and the skin, keeping the youth alive.

Procedure of a vinotherapy

 The most typically Vinotherapy performed at a recognized Spa, begins with a scrub. with one of the lightest and most pleasant smelling scrubs such as granulated sea weed and grape seed oil. This is followed by a massage with gel made of grape extracts that helps in smoothening the skin. Thereafter, the skin will be indulged or bathed in a lotion made with grape extracts with algae base, which helps in tightening of the skin. Thereafter, the steaming process is done for maximum absorption by the skin. The session is completed with a soothing cream massage.

So next time you plan your holiday or a break, you know just the right thing to opt for and if you have known of some places where vinotherapy was extremely exfoliating, do put down and let us know.


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