Are you meeting your Nutritional Needs ?

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Waking up early in the mornings, getting onto a treadmill in half sleep, biting on half cooked breakfast and running after the bus, is this what each of us is alive for?

I am sure this one shrill each mind yells until you get to work and gasp on your chair and by the time you are just about to relax and sip a cup of coffee, its time for you to prepare your presentation and rush to the board room with files and papers. By the time the long meeting and chewing of nails and gaping expressions of the officials , is all OVER, its crossed LUNCH time and now it’s time to gulp in a sandwich or a burger . By the end of the day you are all drained and you reach home when your wife wants the best of expressions on your face. She’s all dressed to go out for dinner and her expectations with her lovely puppy like face are difficult to deny. A nice candle light dinner with a bad back and head ache and not to forget lovely fake smile to ensure you do not disappoint her.

Each one of us holds a similar lifestyle where we are demanded to play a number of roles each day and each role is important. In meeting up to the expectations of many roles many a times we forget to eat the right type of food due to which we do not meet our daily requirement of minerals and vitamins. Most of the times we do not even care and assume other things are more important but when we land up with severe problems we regret our past actions but at that time it’s too late.

Our body each day has a certain requirement of minerals and vitamins and when we do not meet those we create a gap called the Nutritional Gap. When this gap leads into a Deficiency, it’s an alarm warning you constantly that you should take precautions and if steps are not taken in the initial stages, the organs of the body exert more pressure to meet the daily expectation and the deterioration.  It is important for one to have meals on time and exercise thrice a wk. This does not mean one should neglect work and cancel meetings but one could take out time for lunch or schedule himself in such a pattern that he does not get a chance to skip it. Moreover one could also go in for a food supplement. These help in filling the nutritional gaps. When you cannot make a change in your lifestyle, you just got to pop in a pill that could take care of it all. But do not take this as a permanent solution. Right eating habits and the right exercise would help your body provide you with a healthy lifestyle and free from diseases. After all your today decides your tomorrow.


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