Healthy Food costs more than Unhealthy

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When we go out to party with friends and it’s the month end, we generally prefer a cheaper restaurant than an expensive one. Forget that, we sometimes prefer the cafes and the fast food joints. We could get yummy food and the best part, the bill is half the price expected. This is not only tempting on month ends but also on weekends and holidays. Gulping on pizzas, burgers and the samosas, is actually a cost to your body, but when we hog on it, we love the fried sausage or the based cheese on it. YUMMM!!! I am sure your mouth has started watering already.

Now let’s take a scenario when you walked up to the pizza guy and asked him to give you a WHEAT base pizza or a BROWN bread and ask him to use low calorie cheese.  What’s a reply you get ? “YES sir, but we have extra charges applicable”.  Veggies are not always liked by many and although not many like to eat salads and fruits, if priced, one would realize that unhealthy food costs much less than healthy. Food of the streets generally stock food high on calories, starch and oils. Bread sticks, Samosas, Burgers,  sweet marts are inexpensive in comparison to a glass of fresh fruit juice or a fruit salad.  This is not only concentrated on a particular country but this is the case over the world. Moreover these days since the awareness of the people has increased, not many jump on junk. Although children have created themselves as fan of fast food joints, not many parents have taken this leniently. Infact prices food items high on carbs and starch, have fallen resulting in inexpensive Unhealthy to expensive healthy. There was time in when Breads of varied kinds were consumed only by the rich but today it’s available on every street and infact, white bread is not even much looked at. People prefer the Brown one or Multi grain.

If one consumes a lot of junk food in his childhood, it is difficult for him to switch over to food that is more of minerals and vitamins. Moreover it is not realized at an early age but what we eat today shapes us for tomorrow. If today we consume a lot of fatty food, tomorrow we are bound to look the same. The one who is habituated to junk then has to put in efforts to develop a taste for veggies. When people put on weight, its not all of a sudden. It all starts with a few kgs and how it shapes up to obesity and chronic body disorders.

It is hard to believe but some specialties of certain cities and countries are the root cause for victimizing the residents of that area. Small stalls and inexpensive but yummy sweets, dipped in oil and sugar could be the cause of your diabetes. So next time to pop something into your mouth first be assured of whether you are taking the right step.


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