So what’s your STYLE ???

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Hair makeovers are in. While some prefer the straightened look, many also prefer the curls. Heated irons, curling machines, chemicals and hair gels make your hair look chic and very fashionable on the outside. But are these good for you hair? Don’t they cause any damage?

When we make hairstyles and change our looks using high dosed chemicals, stiffeners and strengtheners. These tend to have ruining effects not at that point but in the later stages of the life. Our type of hair one has depends upon his genetic, hereditary and his conditioning since childhood.  When you try to make gigantic differences in its texture and style, it would support the same in the initial stages but in the later stages it would lead to worsening effects like breaking of hair, frizzing out or even hair loss.

Just imagine when you happen to by mistake touch a hot iron and burn your hand. Now imagine when the same temperature is used to straighten your hair and make it look smooth and shiny. You hair at that point would shine like a piece of silk but soon after the hair wash you may realize it could break and also fizz out . Moreover it is a tendency that one is least bothered when one gets done with a therapy. It should ideally be the other way around. When you have straightened or curled your hair, immense care should be taken to ensure that   you do not allow it to die. Nourish it with an oil massage and use a baby shampoo or a light shampoo with an extremely good conditioner. This would always keep the hair soft and shiny. It would not only ease the quality also keep it with life. Moreover coloring your hair and bleaching it are options that again hold tendencies of killing your hair. Ensure that these treatments are done under an expert’s observation and using extremely good quality products.

There are three types of Hair types-

1)     Dry Hair

2)     Normal Hair

3)     Oily Hair

It is of vital importance to first consult an expert to comprehend your hair type and accordingly use chemicals and cosmetics to ensure they stay maintained. We all want to have lush and shiny hair, hair that make us look our best, hair that define our personality and also form a style statement for us. But just imagine when we don’t have hair. So it’s just the right time now to go ahead and understand your hair type and do what it needs best.


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