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3) Being cheated by a partner may be personal or professional

There are always rules and regulations and breaking those is always fun. Cheating in examinations and hiding problems are at small ends but this takes a big turn when you grow older. Tendencies develop due to ones conditioning and experiences since childhood, where one would feel guilty cheating while there are many who do not regret at all. The one who is cheated is devastated. When it comes on the personal front it could be killing. Imagine being deceived by the one who really loved all your life and could die for. This is a serious problem. One should make a first decision to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Disclosing to the family is one of the early options.

Discuss with them and let them know how you feel so that they could really help and not make it worst. Then it’s time to accept the present and the situation. Any wound takes time to heel and so would this one. Giving it time is the best option, besides one should stay with people and not alone. Incase there is any recovery or if a child is involved, it is advisable to keep him/her away. One should know that he/she is strong and it is always in her hands how to change the whole scenario.  Besides if you are cheated by a business partner or at work, it gives rise to a sense of hatred and irritation. Your mind seeks for answers. One should at that time, take control of himself, instead of seeking answers; one should take charge of the verticals to ensure any further damage. One could then visit a counselor or take the assistance of family and friends. Some setback and stress in the immediate, that’s normal. Pain to a certain extent is a natural human phenomenon but ensuring that one comes out is of vital importance.

4) Separation from a parent

Parents are a support system. From our childhood we only know them, see them and learn everything from them. We go through a number of stages and at every stage we require their assistance not only physically but also psychologically. Sometimes they act as friends and sometimes as teachers, sometimes they give responsibilities and sometimes they stand as a moral support. When a child has to leave his parent because of any reason like a divorce of the parents or a loss of parent, it is difficult for him to cope up initially. In a situation like this, the child must be kept close to one person, a person who was already close in the past or was in the same proximity. It is important for the child to be close to someone who is familiar. Automatically the child gets close to him/her. Let the same person be a support system and make the child realize that the parent would not be back. Explanation should not be lengthy. It should be brief and at regular intervals, so it reminds him. On the other hand the routine of the child should not be changed. It should be in the same way. The child should not be over pampered or made to mourn. In times of need the same person should be around for help. This would ensure the child does not get affected psychologically to a great extent


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