Could carrying weights make you lose weight?

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We all have an exercise routine. Some prefer three days of cardio and two days of weight training while some prefer carrying weights everyday. Well it’s all dependent on our body types, structures, shapes and sizes. Lifting weights could make you look bigger and huger by giving you a big frame and on the other hand weights could also make you lean and lose kilos drastically.

So weights could definitely drop down the extra kgs on areas one is heavy on. There are two types of weight training. One where you carry HEAVY WEIGHTS and the other where you carry LIGHT WEIGHTS. HEAVY WEIGHTS are carried on a very regular basis to build heavy muscles. They not only give shape to the body but they make it more muscular and if one has a good intake of proteins the work gets simpler. One puts on weight and also stamina to carry heavy weights. These are a usual act by BODY builders or persons in sports like boxing or weight lifting. Infact it’s now even a trend in Bollywood and Hollywood to have frames like HERCULES. Not to forget the youth who is inspired by the film industry do not stay away from these. After all who would want to miss a chance to look like John Abraham or Salmaan Khan.

Light weights on the other hand make your body tone up. People with heavy hips or thighs could go for these. Sometimes the fat gets accumulated in certain parts of the body. These tend to get bigger with food and sedentary lifestyle. When one carries weights he is actually helping mobility of the accumulated fat and even in burn fats. It persuades the muscle of that particular area to get strained and stop the collection. When one carries light weights, he could do more sets than when one carries heavy weights. When more sets are done for a good length of time, they work on accumulated fats. This helps in dissolving of it.

The whole idea here is that one needs to not create a stamina to carry heavy weights but one’s body should have the stamina to do the sets for a longer period for optimum results.

People who already have a big frame should opt for light weights and the ones with a very tiny frame should have a good intake of vegetables and fruits along with protein shakes and carry heavy weights. This would strengthen the body and give then a good built. If women who are heavy on their arms try carrying heavy weights they could land up with manly muscles.

SO its best to first consult your gym instructor and get into a weight training regime.


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