Depression – The core reason to every problem

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With the increasing population, there is immense competition these days. Mushrooming of Educational Institutions and International Bachelorette Degrees have led to immense accomplishments of goals and objectives. In this difficult race of life, one has to play innumerable number of roles. Moreover each role has an expectation attached. When we play such roles, we are forced to meet those and when we try to meet many of those, we lose out on our energy and this leads to stress. Year 2009 had seen the worst of times for the working class. Recession had blanket the market and every organization was like a ship in the storm seas. The only objective each organization had was to survive. It was the survival of the fittest and in that race many lost their jobs. Many households were unable to afford a square meal. Well these days we have enough reasons to keep us stressed but soon we shall learn how to handle it.

Depression comes with long layers of sadness. All of us have the same brain but our attributes and attitude contributes to what we are and where we want to be. While some of us choose to stay sad some use the enthusiasm to get out of situations. Depression comes to those who are sensitive and when they are hurt over a length of time. Depression is the real state of mind when the mind is confused and it does not know what to do. It only keeps thinking of the problem and cribs a lot only about it. It does not try hunting for a solution and expects tie would solve it all but they themselves do not take the initiative. But the fact here is that they are actually unable to handle it. The ability to face problems comes from ones conditioning since childhood. If one has always been pampered and not given any kind of responsibility or decision making authority, he normally faces situations and always needs someone’s support to come out of problems in the future. We all have our own set our problems, to someone they may sound small and for some others they may be big, but at the end of it, there needs to exist an ability to solve it.

If one continues to lead a life with the same problems and the same situations and although there is a dislike of the behavior of many, he is suppressing himself and this could lead to hypertension. Depression could lead to Insomnia, Hypertension, Migraines, Brain Tumors, Blood clotting, Aches and Pains, Stomach disorders and there is no end to it. Many who continually stay depressed and feel helpless eventually want to give on life, they could even try to kill themselves.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL BUT SOMETIMES WE CLOSE THE CURTAINS TO WORLD AND STAY IN OUR OWN SADNESS.  We shall further learn the real reasons of depression and how each of those situations could be handled by you alone so that you happily open the curtains to enjoy the world.


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