Does life always go the way you want it to go?

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“WANTS”, this is the root cause to most problems. We all have wants and desires and these are unlimited. Once to accomplish one thing, another one waits in the queue to be accomplished. Our plans are designed and we work mechanically to accomplish them but when something falls out of structure, it gets de-motivating. Sometimes we also tend to wind up the entire thing all at once.  If one solves issues in his head in the beginning of the problem, where he either ponders over the solution or decides to get away with it or talk it out, he would not get into a depression.

Some of the major reasons why one falls into a depression –

1)      Loss due to natural calamity. Loss of all the earnings, household and all that was created by fathers and fore-fathers

2)      Breaking of a relationship. This could be during the dating phase, courtship or marriage.

3)      Loss due to death of a family member

4)      Financial loss in business or bankruptcy

5)      Loss of job or loss of a designation

6)      Belief in magic/ spirits and blind faith

7)      Continuously working towards a goal and having hurdles for quite a length of time

8)      Separation from  a parent (children)

9)      Been cheated in business or a relationship

There is a big difference between STRESS and DEPRESSION. Stress is a temporary phase of a situation but depression is continuous thought all the time. It is more or less a permanent Phase. Situations of Stress could be manipulated but state of depression is when the situations are helpless. Manipulation is difficult then and the mental blocks create further destruction. Not always is one able to handle all of these by himself. In some cases counseling is a must but some of these could be handled by your own.  Many a times we could fall back on our family for help and communicate our problems to them to take their help. Let’s now get into some of these at length.


We all love our jobs and more why because it earns our bread and butter. Now just imagine some day you are forced to resign due t recession or company shutting down or a wind up. This is a definitely a big loss and the big problem when the family needs to be told about it. But at this point instead of feeling sad, it’s time to rush, check your contacts and message your friends and you never know, you land up in a better opportunity. Post your resume and there would many organizations to hire you. Many a times when you think you have lost it all, you really do, infact to add to it.  Sometimes its best to take it light. Instead of pondering and getting deeper into the thought “WHY ME” just say “TRY ME” and with that positive approach you would cross it all. Each one of us has setbacks but even there lies a hidden opportunity which we are suppose to hunt.


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Depression – The core reason to every problem What goes around comes around …

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