What goes around comes around …

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A relationship is like a delicate thread and there are many reasons for its breaking. It could be either one of the partners deceiving or personal adjustments or taking each other for granted.  Before one thinks of separating one should think twice and even go on to think thrice. Any breakup has its negative effects unless one of the partners has already found a partner but there is always a bag of guilt attached. Most of the splits and the break ups happen because of a simple reason and the reason is “COMMUNICATION”.

When we decide not to speak at length, we create communication gaps and these gaps widen the relationship. So the best option here is to speak your heart out. Speak with your partner and explain what the problem is. Separation should be the last way out but one needs to understand that a solution to a problem is not separation, it’s all about adjustments and compromises. Life has its own twists and turns and since we can only drive the cars of our lives we should be careful. Trying to change the roads would get us nowhere. If there seems to be difficulty in communicating, one could also visit a counselor. If one has already broken up due to any reason then one needs to move on in life. If the decision was forced – then there are more tendencies of depression. One tends to feel lonely, one does not know his fault and one hunts for it. One may lose his self esteem and one may not know what to do. Its more like they have lost a path and they do not know the way ahead. In this case one should first have an ACCEPTANCE to the situation. Then understand what are his likes and dislikes. This is of vital importance. One should then engage in activities that he likes and one gets pleasure from. For sometime one should try to avoid the thoughts of separation because they bring you close to sadness. Once you have spent about a month or two, one would then be in a situation to plan his life ahead. Do not think that you would be out of it immediately. Do not put a stone face to a melting ice cream which is within you. It is of no use. Time is the best healer there. Give yourself some time. But the initial period of a separation would be painful and that what decides your future. In the initial period one needs to stay calm and composed, try avoiding the thought and concentrate on something one likes. All of this helps you cope all of it and assists in future planning and gaining control of your life again.

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Does life always go the way you want it to go? Continued…

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