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Good and Bad Cholesterol…

Most of us know the term ‘cholesterol’ only as something that is bad for health. A few of us know that cholesterol may be of 2 types- good or bad. But what most of us do not now is that cholesterol is essential for various important processes in the body.

Did you know that every cell membrane in our body contains cholesterol? Cholesterol is also needed by the body to synthetise our steroid hormones.  When we are in a stressful situation our bodies respond either fright or flight.  Cortisol, which is also called our stress hormone is a ateroid hormone needed for this response. Cholesterol is also required to synthetise our sex hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.Cholesterol is also used to synthesize bile salts that help in digesting the fats in our diet.



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What’s Hyper-tension ?

Been waking up more often than not with a headache at the back of your head? Feeling dizzy or light headed? You may be suffering from high blood pressure (BP) also called ‘Hypertension’. What is more important to be understood is that majority of people suffering from hypertension have no complaints. That is precisely why Hypertension is known to be a silent killer!

So how can you know if you are hypertensive? You can know whether or not you are hypertensive simply by having a health care practioner measure your BP. If the upper value of your BP is more than 140 and the lower reading is more than 90 it is considered to be high. But dont be alarmed if your BP is high at just one examination. A person will be diagnosed Hypertensive only if 3 consecutive readings 1 week apart turn out to be high.


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Are you Fat on the Outside or Inside ?

None of us like having a pot belly or a beer-belly because it makes us look so unflattering. What many of us do not know is that it also increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

What causes this Beer belly? In our body there are 2 types of fats

–        The fat under our skin

–        The fat which surrounds our inner organs.

 The fat surrounding our organs is called ‘Visceral fat’. It collects around our mid-section i.e our tummy, where most of our internal organs are situated. Since this fat is around your internal organs it is invisible to your naked eye hence it is also called  ‘Invisible fat’.Visceral Fat causes an ‘Apple shaped body’ also known as  ‘Central obesity’


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Are you Physically Attractive?

We live in the twenty first century, an era of competition and takeovers. A very well known saying explains that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder” but today this has taken a vivid shape where it encompasses a carried spectrum of elements to counter beauty. Beauty was once confined to the face and the complexion but its to do with a number of aspects, like the type of hair and the hair style, the nails, the figure/ physique, the makeup, the grooming, the dressing, the way you carry yourself, your skin type and your health.


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Are you an Emotional Personality?

Each one of us has a bag of experiences, while some make us stiff and strong like stones, some mellow us down and could create a gloom inside us. Instances, situations and remarks leave deep scars and how these could be used by a person completely depends on ones personality. When a situation arises some look at it as a problem while others look at the same a solution locater (challenge). Some may crumble down while others would take it up like a challenge. It all boils down to our inner attributes and one such attributes that contributes to most of the situations on daily basis is our emotional behavior. Its all about how we react and how certain things could provoke, agitate, instigate or shun us away. Its rightly said life is the best teacher, our conditioning and environment mould us to what we are today and shape our tomorrow. Let’s take a test to realize if you are an emotional personality-


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Do Superstitions have a Psychological Impact ?

India is a country of varied traditions and cultures and each of these have their set of superstitions. Some of the commonly believed and followed superstitions are-

–          When a cat or a black cat especially crosses your path, it’s considered a bad deed, every act after that goes bad.

–          When the left eye flickers, it is considered unlucky and an expectation of something negative coming your way.

–           Breaking of glass is considered lucky and some good sign.

–           Someone asking you where you are going, just when you are leaving the door, could have a negative impact.

–          While praying or in an auspicious event when the diya (lamp) or a candle blow off, it’s not a good sign.

Well these are just a few of the many that people hold. Every culture has its own set of superstitions and most of the people fall victims to these. But what are superstitions?


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Is technology going beyond man’s reach?

In our day to day life, we normally wonder what came first, eggs or chicken, did chickens lay eggs and if they did then where did they come from. Science and technology are shaping up similarly. Sometimes we are forced to wonder who invented what. Did man invent machines and tools that could perform jobs faster than a man can or was it the other way round. Computers that calculate faster than a brain could and connectivity beyond mans reach. We could speak with people round the world, see people of different parts, and reach places in hours. Well the wings of science have covered every area of human progress and given us a day of amazement, but there is a crucial question here, has man fallen a victim to it?

Today man is a free bird and could play with science but this has also lead to a lot of ANXIETY, GREED, SUPRESSION, DISTANCE, MATERIALISM AND GRIEF. Although on one end it has its positives, it has its own negatives which are more psychological and physiological besides physically man feels pride is conquering.


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