Changing Habits – Habits die Hard

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A well known saying explains “ Habits die Hard” and this holds great amount of weight-age when it comes to changing bad habits. Bad habits die even harder. Common habits considered bad are :

-Nail biting in tension on routine basis

– Scratching the head while thinking or during a confusion

– Shaking a leg or two out of anxiety

– Snapping our knuckles when tensed

– Itch or touch personal parts of one’s own body

– Yawning while others are talking

– Not being punctual

– Make false promises

-Keeping things for the last minute

-Overeating when stressed or under pressure

– Smoking, especially if its chain smoking

– Alcoholism

I am sure each of us has some or other of these and its very difficult to get rid of these. Well this is normal with everyone. But the crucial question is, can this be changed ? Can we get rid of bad habits and the answer is Yes, we could but it requires patience and perseverance. It’s important to first understand where and when has all of this started.

Most of the habits start with observation at a very young age, probably when we our young we saw our best friend’s mother or our grand parents or a relative do it. At first we tried and we like it. It was enjoyed and soon we did not realize when it became a habit. These are habits that throw light on the conditioning of one since childhood. Yet another reason is when one has knots in his mind. When we act or do something, after knowing its not good, still we do not have control on those, its all a result of some experiences of the childhood that has formed some knots in the mind and every time you get close to the knot, you unknowingly get into actions.

To rectify this one has to go back and start constant efforts, one has to let his peers or family members to observe his actions and ask him to stop immediately, just at that point one should think what was on his mind. Next step is decide what was the thought like, was it a shocking news or a horrifying thought, did it have anxiety or fears and ensure that when he has such thoughts observe actions and when continues to do this for a one or two, HABITS WOULD DIE AND NOT LEAVE BEHIND TRACES

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