Is your child having the right food ?

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Children have got fussy about food. Previously food was consumed to get rid of hunger but today the motives have definitely changed. These days we gulp on food that is yum and when we cannot stop our own desires it’s difficult to stop our own children. Pastas, Pizzas, lasagnas and noodles top the list of junk food most consumed worldwide. Pampering your taste buds is a common stride now a days and bribing is yet another factor. With time our choices have increased. Ask for candy bar and you would land up with hundreds of them, difficult to choose. So we have hundreds of reasons why one would move to junk than healthy stuff but are we meeting the nutritional needs.

The strength of every building to take the worst of quakes lies in its foundation and the same goes with our body. If the foundation is strong since childhood one has a good frame and remains fit in his later stages of life. Meeting daily nutritional needs is of vital importance in the crucial years of life. A child during his early ages has a good absorption level and a good heeling capacity. When food is provided, the body absorbs all the nutrients and vitamins from it. But what if the food has not got any minerals and vitamins and instead it has a lot of fats and carbohydrates?

Child obesity is on a rise more in the western countries but it’s leaving its trends in the eastern sphere. Today parents do not have enough time to cook and some do not enough time to spare with their family, in those cases food from out is the only option. In some cases some families find it expensive to afford healthy food so opting for unhealthy food is a good way out. Bribing is also a commonly practiced habit by many parents, rewards lie as aerated drinks, junk intake or a pizza party.

“Win the race and you get to go with your friends for a burger treat”

“Come first in class and get your own candy machine”

“Let’s get an ice-cream maker, once to clear the entrance exam”

Many of these tempt you as a child. Temptations are good but realizing the importance of it’s bad effects is also vital. Veggies and health drinks are a good substitute and if not, milk shakes could replace colas and wheat pastas could replace pizzas, use the healthier form and this would also make a huge difference. The future of your child lies in your hands and it’s all your responsibility how you shape for the future.


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