Should Children workout ?

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When the intake of carbohydrates is increased in leaps and bounds and the tummy has started popping out, what’s the solution? As adults it is difficult to indulge ourselves in outdoor sports and leave our hectic schedules behind, so gymming is a good option but is that an alternative for kids as well?

-Should kids workout in gyms ?

– Are treadmills better than running in parks?

-Would weights shape their body ?

-Will kids burn fats with weight training?

The answer to these is simple. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE ASKED TO WORKOUT IN THE GYM. Children up till the age of 16 are in their early stages. In these stages the body is absorbing every element from the food intaken. It’s their age to normally grow so gymming may stand as an obstruction its way. It may stunt the growing tissues and cells and affect the overall growth of the body. As a child it is their age to have fun with friends, indulge in outdoor games like cricket and football and sweat all the food consumed. Although science has somewhere drawn lines with the invention of Video games, play stations and computer games and made kids reluctant to go out and play in the fresh air, it time to push them. They should be let free. As parents one should engage them in extra-curricular activities like Swimming, Dancing and Painting depending upon the likes and dislikes of the child. On the other hand do not force him to get into activities that h has no interest in. Either you develop an interest for a particular sport or allow the child to decide.

When children play outdoor, they are unknowingly stretching their muscles and sweating the calories consumed. Their sweat leads to getting rid of toxins and better digestion. Their exertion leads to provision of the necessary minerals and vitamins to the body and the over all development of the body. Moreover while playing they really enjoy the sport which leads to a thrill in the body and an over all improvement of the immunity and also affecting them on a positive note psychologically. So its all about fun along with a worthwhile exertion of the body. If a child indulges into sports where he needs to achieve something like a goal in football or a wicket in cricket, it assists in the development of the brain. The psychological effect of these definitely works on the body positively. So ask your child to go and have fun with friends and gymming is far far away.


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