Smoking – Stress, Desire or Style Statement

May 3, 2011 at 2:51 pm Leave a comment

Walk out of your office and look into the corridors or the stair case of the offices. What do we find there ? People smoking, infact these days most of the discussions happen outside the office than inside. I guess the brain functions better there with a smoke.

But is all of that true ?

Do cigarettes help in energizing ?

Does a smoke stimulate your mind to function better ?

Does smoking get you rid of the stress and the work pressure?

Well most of these are misconceptions. Smoke does not do any bit of it. Infact, it does what it should not. The nicotine in the cigarettes definitely gives you a kick. You feel lighter and some take that as stimulant to the brain but in reality it’s more like a kick to your brain but this kick also could be injurious to the health. Many people who get addicted to cigarettes, is because they use it as a medium to get rid of any and every problem. Infact, it is taken to be that if you smoke you get relaxed and finding solutions to problems gets simpler, IT’S ALL A MYTH.

While some smoke to get rid of stress, about 90% of the youngsters are addicted to smoking due to a simple reason “FASHION STATEMENT” or “STYLE STATEMENT”. It all starts with an attitude to show off or attract the opposite sex but at a later stage it becomes addiction. Smoking is phase of one’s life, but it tends to be a maze from which one finds it difficult to come out. Moreover bollywood movies and celebrities are an inspiration to many. We want to look like them and so we ape them

It is hard to believe that each cigarette consists of about 4000 chemical compounds. Well keeping the habits and the style statements apart, smoking can be really injurious to health. Some of the common diseases one could easily land up with –

–        Lung Cancers

–        Increases in cholesterol levels

–        Cardio vascular problems

–        Lowering of the overall immunity

–        Psycho-somatic diseases

–        Stress and Insomnia

–        Anxiety

–        Depression

These reasons should be enough to ensure that one does not use smoking as a style statement. Smoking can never make you look smart and trendy, it’s all in your mind. Smartness comes with your style of speaking, interacting, your behavior and your dressing. So next time flaunt your attitude not your smoke.


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