Do you have Fears?

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Many of us have created fears at the back of our minds. Some get scared of water or getting into the pool and some get scared of darkness and heights .


These fears are called Phobias. Phobia is a psychological disorder where a person experiences a major attack or reacts very distinctively when we faces his fear or he’s close to it. He would have shrill or yell and scream, He would have trails of sweat and feel like someone is choking him or trying to kill him. Phobias are generally to a certain type. Phobias are normally due to the conditioning of one, since childhood. Fears develop as a child and they become more concrete with time.

Our parents hold a lot of expectations out of us. They push us in the pool to swim and when we are drowning, they want us to learn it on our own and get out of it, but some sensitive souls form fears that last for a lifetime. They get phobic to water and every time they have to travel by sea or by air, they fear water bodies.

Similarly some have a fear of heights and its all in the roots of the childhood. We see things and those prints stay at the back of your mind. They do not leave you and as you grow up they grow bigger with you. Initially they were fears then they become Phobias. Not to forget fear of dying, this is yet a very crucial fear one could have. One may be careful all the time just avoid untimely death. Similarly there are many Phobias.

–          Phobic to drive

–          Phobic to heights

–          Fear of noise

–          Fear of needles and pointed objects

–          Fear of failures

–          Fear of being alone- cluster phobia

–          Fear of thundering and lightening

–          Fear of Earth quakes

–          Fear of crossing

–          Fear of crowds and more

There are many such fears. To avoid these from getting into children, parents should take action in the initial stages. Visiting a counselor or supporting a child through the experience is of vital importance. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE IT WORSE BY ASKING HIM TO GO THROUGH IT ALONE. Many parents do that. When they realise that the child has a fear of water, they push him into it, if they know he’s scared of darkness, they leave him alone, so that he loses the fear but in reality that does not always have a positive reaction on the mind of the child. Support him not for his today but for his coming tomorrow


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