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We all know that vitamins and minerals are very good for our health. Due to our daily demands we ship the most important part and this leads to physical, physiological and psychological disorders. Besides not to forget the epidemics that spread these days and the lowered immunity levels that lead to body conditions. Infact supplementations are a must sometimes for one to have a smooth life. Let it be a calcium supplement or a vitamin for your body, supplements maintain your body and keep you in shape. But do you even know that an over intake of supplements could be harmful. Well its called Hypervitaminosis.

All of us have a daily requirement of nutrients and to ensure we do not land up with a nutritional gap, we should have a good intake of food and supplements but there are certain supplements that do not get dissolved. When we have an extra intake of something, the body uses what it requires and flushes the rest back but this is not possible in terms of certain vitamins. This is because certain vitamins are not water soluble. Vitamins that are water soluble, get completely dissolved in water and when there is an excess, it gets flushed out but there are some vitamins that are fat soluble. These get dissolved only in fats as a result an over intake could have repercussions on the body.

–          WATER SOLUBLE – Water soluble vitamins like Vit C, Vit B and more. These are water based and so they dissolve in water and get out of the body

–          FAT SOLUBLE- Fat soluble vitamins like Vit A,  Vit D and Vit E are oil based, so when these are consumed in excess, these do not dissolve so collecting in the body is a simple. Over excess of each has these would show different results.

Moreover sometimes the collecting also is due to stress and over exertion. This is also known as Vitamin Poisoning.Excess intake of Vitamin A could make one feel Nausea and vomiting and one could land up with rough bones, low bone mineral density, hair loss and liver problems. Excess intake of Vitamin D could make one feel dehydrated, constipated, irritable bowels and fatigue and one could land up with calcification of bones.Excess intake of Vitamin E could result in Blotchy skin.

So the bottom line is supplements are good for one’s health but nothing is good in excess.


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