Pool Exercise- Excellent way to relax and exert

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Swimming is great to beat the heat this summer. So get your floats and your costumes and sip on lemonades while you enjoy the gush of waters that sooth your body and cool your senses. Not only is it a good relaxation but it could also serve as a good sport to tone up. Exercising in the gym and sweating the heat could be stressful, moreover the monotonous exercise could also make you lose interest. Gymming is great but one could get bored of the same routine and this s more felt during summers when the body gets heated and sweating gets sticky. So summers are the best time to burn the calories underwater than on the treadmills. These days there are special aerobics classes taken in the pool an one burns a lot of calories without even realizing.

When we carry out movements under water they are less felt by the body but in reality they are more exerted. The difference is that one does not realize this at all. Since one does not sweat or does not feel the heat during the workout, it looks like a light workout. But exercises underwater are amazing to convert the fat into muscle. For one to carry out any kind of water exercises one should consult an expert and it not then one should carry out more of limb exercises. Bending sideways and back straight, raising the legs sideways and back gives a good shape to the thighs and the hips. Besides one could do some waist twist to work on the lower and upper waist and arm excercises to get rid of the extra flab and tighten the fats. Along with these exercises one could practice different styles of swimming

–          The Frog Style- This style brings flexibility in the body and shapes your waist and your upper arms. It’s great for the inner thighs that normally lie lose. It improves the stamina of the person and is an excellent workout for every part of the body.

–          The Butterfly Style- This exercise strengthens the upper body. It helps the upper body to carry the weight of the whole body and drive it. The move is most concentrated by the arms and the arms are the steering wheel.

–          The Free style- Many people follow this style, Its sleek and helps in improvement of the height, here again the concentration is more on the arms but this style improves the breathing, because gaps are longer. It is good for the heart and the pumping of the lungs.

–          The Back style- This is like floating in the water, here there is more of relaxation than exercise but again this style concentrates on the driving and the movement, the hands act as a steering and the gear and the body relaxes.

So next time you get bored of dressing up in tracks, lacing up you sports shoes, just get into a costume and jump into the pool . Exercise while you relax .


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