Teenagers- Are they difficult to handle or is it difficult to be?

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Teenagers, when children grow a little older and neither are they children nor adults, they are a mixed state of the two. They are TEENAGERS. While some would say it is difficult to handle a teenager many would also agree that it is equally difficult to be a teenager. It’s all to-gather a change in the one lifestyle, this change is felt by both, the person himself and the people around him/her. When a child is growing up, he goes through a physical, psychological and a physiological change. Teenage is a crucial change. One goes through a hormonal change; these shape changes in the body and it’s also called puberty. Males growing from young children to men and young girls to matured women. They themselves find it irritable. They are in confused states and to add to it, parents are most of the times unable to comprehend their situation. Parents would treat them as kids and small children, not realizing that their small babies are now growing to be young men. Some major changes one may notice in teenager’s are-

–          Girls get into personal beauty, they want to style themselves and do make-up and look older. Whereas guys grow beard and want to shave and look clean

–          There is a tendency to attract the opposite sex and enjoying time with them is pleasurable. Well it’s all about the hormones.

–          Both the sexes do not wish to spend time with family and relatives sound boring. They want to escape from family occasions and enjoy with friends

–          There is an urge to feel older and be treated as one. Independence is what they want all the time.

–          Now they want to try new things like Smoking, Drinking and Driving. They do not like to be told what to do; rather they want to tell what they want.

–          They do not want to carry out duties with their family members like Shopping for clothes, going out for holidays and having fun. They want to do these with friends.

–          They get angry with small and trivial stuff and not only do they get irritated but they also irritate the people around them.

–          For every single reason they feel there exists a generation gap. They feel that parents do not understand them and their feelings but on the other hand they are also not willing to speak with them at length.

To conclude, its simple this is a crucial age and the support of the parents is of vital importance. Infact, in this stage if the parents are too strict or too lenient, the child holds tendencies of getting spoilt or into wrong practices. So give your child some space, do not force his actions, be a friend and not a demanding parent. Its all about molding, do not expect him to mould because he is young and he is going through a crucial stage of life. So be there with him to help him enjoy it and make the journey smooth.

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