Are easy replacements better options ?

May 16, 2011 at 4:11 pm Leave a comment

Have you heard of hair extentions and real hair wigs ?

Have you ever tried Acrylic nails ?

Is liposuction a better option than workouts?

Well, Well, Well, with science and technology playing their part fantastically, all of these are definitely possible but are they better than our natural possessions. Have we started doubting Gods creativity?

Today we live in a world which is fast moving. Not only do the people move fast but moves with them the changing trends. Buy the latest cell phone and the very next month you have better models to gape at.  Get a new car and it would not be long when you feel than you have a bigger and a better one. Times have changed when things were bought only for the utility purpose, today we all want the best, if asked to postpone any demand, it sounds more like a compromise.

So if we cannot compromise with things around us, how can you imagine to compromise with our own looks. We all want to look the best. Today we could change every aspect of our look. People with straight long hair could curl them permanently and it also could be done the other way round. Anyone with chipped nails could have long lasting gel nails or any one with yellow teeth could have it bleached. We could make an Asian look like a Blonde and a Blonde like a Black. Make-up and artificiality is so in. In this era many a times we forget what could be the future of all of this. Artificial means could have lasting side effects. Artificial means of change require a heavy amount of maintenance and negligence is definitely a big NO.

Steroids and medication could lead to hormonal imbalances while the external artificial means have a huge tendency of spoiling those parts which are worked upon. Like hair coloring could create pores in the strands and weaken the quality of the hair while acrylic and gel nails sometimes could stop the real growth of the nails. Liposuction would definitely make you look chick but if not maintained one could put on all of that weight in a month’s time and let’s not forget the pain may have to go through. Artificial means are not bad options but they require immense care after the process is carried out and if one notices any kind of changes in the body visiting a physician is highly advisable.


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