Carve your mind on your body- Tattoos

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If you had a choice of having something engraved on your body forever, what would that be ? Would it be an animal, a bird, a scary article, a symbol of god or the name of your partner. It is easy to explain why many people like tattoos, these are moments that they never want to get rid of. If you have a tattoo, go back and think why do you have that carved on your body, why did you choose that, do the qualities of that object match up to your qualities. Most of the times it was realized that people only put those things on their bodies that they did not want to forget for the rest of their lives. Lets take some examples to understand this better –

–          People who drew the picture of their loved ones, like their partner or their child or baby, most them drew those when they had lost them and a small percentage drew to impress them. Their basic intention is to ensure they do not forget them but that their subconscious intention so they may deny the thought.

–          People who have God pictures and symbols drawn on their body have a similar intention. They want to feel close to them. They want them all the time and they do not want to forget them. They feel like they have God with them while again a small percentage may do it to impress God.

–          People who have scary things drawn like sharp objects, like knives or swords, broken windows or glass pieces or blood oozing , they constantly are wanting to remind them elves of the pain that have had or are going through or a revenge that they have to take or a past action which needs completion. They do not want to forget those.

–          People who have animals or birds like lions, tigers, eagles, vultures and dragons relate the qualities of those animals and birds with their own. They either posses those or want to posses those qualities and want to have those for the rest of their lives, so again it’s a subconscious intention to never get rid of those.

Every aspect of our life is connected with our thoughts. Our thoughts make us what we are today and where we would land up tomorrow. The best part her is that although we do not have a control on our future we definitely have a control on our thoughts and we could drive these in the direction of our choice.


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