Precaution is better than cure – Arthritis

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As we grow older, our body parts and ligaments start degenerating and the body starts aging. Pains and aches strike us and we get severely hit by these. Lets compare our health with our father and grand father’s , it would surprising to realizing that diseases that hit them when they were in their forties and fifties would victimize us much earlier. This is because in the past the kind of lifestyle one lead was a simple and although we had many wants and desires, the aggressiveness and the competition were much less . Moreover previously one did not have many choices and on the other hand restrictions ruled.

As an outcome of these today the degenerating of the body is earlier and quicker. One experiences pains not only the back and the lower body but also in the joints. Joint pain has a common factor. Technology has given us a number of ways to stay fit like the treadmill, the cycle, the cross training machines the steppers. Not only can we alter the weights lifted on that but it also strain certain body parts. Many s times we forget that while we are straining, we could actually also causing damaging.

Joint pain happens usually due to the damage that has happened to the cartilage. In our body we have a number of joints. Where these bones meet, right at the end of each bone there is a cushion like thing called the cartilage. These avoid the bones from directly rubbing each other and between these cartilages , there is an oil like fluid that acts as a lubricant. It not only makes the movements easy but it also avoid any kind of damage to the bones. It’s plainly like oiling the machine at the joints.  Due to excessive weight or the pressure over the years of heavy workouts and the aging, this cartilage could wear and tear, there could be damage and the bones may then have no cushion or support. This is a typical case of Arthritis. Arthritis is common among elderly persons. The symptoms are simple and they are –

–          Excessive pain in certain positions- climbing up stairs, sitting on the floor, sitting cross legged and running

–          There is a slight swelling

–          There could also be a burning sensation

–          The pain may get less or go when brought in contact with warmth.

–          There could be a slight swelling

In case of Arthritis, one need not panic, it’s time to take action because if it prolongs it could have major problems and one may also land up into a surgerical situation. One should start with consumption of glucosamine and along with that one should regularly go for warm baths. Heating belts could reduce the pain temporarily and if one uses a blanket to give it warm, there would be better results, Glucosamine cannot do any magic, it helps in rebuilding the cartilage and so it may take sometime, the rebuilding takes time of about 6- 9 months or even longer, depending upon the severity of the problem. So if you experience joint pains do not neglect it…


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