Psychosomatic Diseases

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That’s a big name but what that real mean. It is surprising to believe that our mind is the most powerful part of our body and it’s the root cause to stimulate any kind of diseases. These are diseases one has no clue of the source and one is forced to believe that it’s all because it is all in the mind. For all our actions our mind is responsible, we cry, laugh, smile, get scared, jump and feel the pain. It’s all because there are different signals being passed to the brain every minute. We hold about 10000 thoughts every minute and its not possible to get rid of any one nor can we control our thoughts.

As the word suggests, these are diseases which are to do with the psychological ends. When we think positive or negative thoughts, they have an impact on our body . When we are stressed for long hours and this continues for a prolonged periods, these may be difficult for the body to control and the body could show it in the form of aches and pains. One could experience back aches and then head aches. He might fall a victim of excessive sleeping or insomnia. Stress hold effects in extremes, so its either its too much or it takes it away most. While these are temporary and these could be got to rest if one puts in efforts. Lets now understand some major effects of prolonged stress. It could result in psoriasis or depression or even hypochondrias. These are just a few.

Stress is plainly our attitude to adjust ourselves to the changing environment. We all have to realize and accept that change is something that is constant, it is something that does not stop. We could try and ensure that we do not change but with the changing environment we also have to change. Many a times we are the ones responsible for the stress, we choose to take stress. We hold options of handling problems or thinking and making them look even bigger. When a problem comes we look at the problem instead of hunting for the possible solutions. SO WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE STRESS ???

Most of the times we choose to have problems than solutions, we have been trained since childhood to react and we go the same way. Our physiological and our physical spheres get affected. Psychosomatic diseases vary with the varying prolonged periods of stress. While basic routine stress could lead to headaches to pains where as stress over a month or due to a calamity to vary from a migraine to an attack. If one experiences regular headaches, back aches, psoriases, hairfall, excess weight all of a sudden or a sudden weight loss, it’s time to sit back and analyze your fears and anxieties.

Remember painkillers and tranquillizers would not work for a life time.Your life is valuable.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Dalwani


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