Power Yoga- Strengthen Your Body

May 17, 2011 at 5:02 pm Leave a comment

Go to a beach, select a peaceful corner, feel the soothing sand, sit cross legged facing the rising sun, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Keep a blank mind and you would realize all your tensions leaving you, your mind relaxes and your body goes into ease. Your muscles stretch and your nerves calm. It’s more like a break from the routine and the ugly sounds of the world like the horns and the vehicles.

There is an instant energy that flows in your body. You would feel a gush of blood and your body would feel lighter instantly. All of this helps to strengthen your body internally to take up the daily pressures of the routine. Power yoga is yet another way in this busy life when we cannot go to the beach and live in cold countries. Power yoga, unlike the normal yoga which is done to get rid of stress and exercise, power yoga is a power packed session to get stressed and it burns loads of calories. One could burn nearly 300- 350 calories in one session of 60 minutes. In comparison one would have to jog on the treadmill for nearly 60 minutes, and that is a difficult for one to do every day. It would strengthen your mind to handle stress and ensure this stress does not have an effect on the physical and physiological sphere of the body. Power yoga concentrates on certain body parts and helps to lose selectively and also tone up the whole body. Moreover it improves the metabolic rate and one could improve their concentration levels. Power yoga believes that one has the power inside him. One has the power to control the functioning of his body but he should know how to control it. Its all a game of the mind and once a person has a knack of controlling his mind he could use the power of the mind to shape his body and tone up. We all are the creation of our mind. Many a times we fall ill because we have tunes our mind to feel ill. Research has observed that when one has a will power to fight through life, even life looks back at him and salutes and the ones who give up, life seizes and conquers. Its all in our mind. Power yoga helps to build a strong self esteem and it makes one’s mind strong and powerful.  Besides it also makes ones body flexible. Its excellent for all age groups. One could definitely hold a good control on diabetes and lower his bad cholesterol through power yoga.

Power yoga is a good start for the day. It keeps you going full of energy with complete enthusiasm to take on the day.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Dalwani


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