Trekking and Hiking- Adventure and Enthusiasm

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Today many people prefer outdoor sports on holidays than just relaxing in their beds and watching television. A break from the routine is a must and when you have a monotonous job with a sedentary lifestyle with no changes and adventures, some fun on weekends is a must. One good option that you hold is trekking and hiking. It’s a fun packed trip with adventure and amusement and not to forget lots of sweating and the burning of all that extra flab thats accumalated throughout the week.

Trekking and Hiking have loads of benefits but what most important is to decide the right destination. The destination should not be told difficult nor should be a flat land. Small rocks but safe bases are a must. Once the place is decided, enough water for the way and comfortable clothing and shoes would get you on track to climb and jump.

Breathing fresh air and looking at scenic beauties, our mind completely relaxes and our body calms down. Besides when we road map ourselves, we actually improve our go getters attitude. Until we do not achieve our target, we are constantly trekking and fetching the destination. Moreover as we walk close to our destination, there are hurdles which we cross, probably a small stream or a huge rock or a narrow lane. These improve our resistance and sharpen our persuasion skills to achieve what we want to.

Trekking and hiking have physical as well as psychological benefits. When we have off and we couch on our sofas with loads of junk and watch good movies, they are a good past times but they are all unhealthy. It is important to give yourself a break through, do new things, climb rock and mountains , cycle narrow lanes and feel the true weather. Burn all those calories that you have gained over the weak eating all that junk and cups of coffees. Stretch your muscles and feel a gush of blood in your body. Your day out would divert you from your usual stress. Your head would feel light.

For young children, trekking and hiking could be fun. Living on mountains, in tents and lighting fires and cooking in the natural fires is definitely enjoyable and a learning experience al-to-gather. It helps to also make one independent; one learns the art of adaptation and learn from his environment. Not only this, one would improve in terms of physical stamina and team building skills. So next time you have an off you know the right place to head to.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Dalwani


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