Are you an Emotional Personality?

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Each one of us has a bag of experiences, while some make us stiff and strong like stones, some mellow us down and could create a gloom inside us. Instances, situations and remarks leave deep scars and how these could be used by a person completely depends on ones personality. When a situation arises some look at it as a problem while others look at the same a solution locater (challenge). Some may crumble down while others would take it up like a challenge. It all boils down to our inner attributes and one such attributes that contributes to most of the situations on daily basis is our emotional behavior. Its all about how we react and how certain things could provoke, agitate, instigate or shun us away. Its rightly said life is the best teacher, our conditioning and environment mould us to what we are today and shape our tomorrow. Let’s take a test to realize if you are an emotional personality-

1)      When you go to a party and someone passes a comment on your dress/shirt, do you-

  1. React nastily and abuse
  2. Do not pay attention
  3. Ask him subtly to mind hid own business
  4. Keep shut and get conscious


2)      While you are watching a movie, in sad parts, do you-

  1.  Care a damn, after all they are paid for it
  2. Have a tear or two
  3. Start weeping and sobbing
  4. Relate it to your own experiences


3)      When someone makes a remark at your personal ability or attitude at work do you-

  1. Barely care about it
  2. Accept it and tie a knot in the head
  3. Defend it
  4. Start apologizing


4)      When you have to leave your near and dear ones do you-

  1. Get excited to have a break from them
  2. Care a damn
  3. Feel a little sad
  4. You have tears in your eyes


5)      When you are asked to do something that you think is not right, do you

  1. Fight against it
  2. Refuse to do it
  3. Care a damn and do it
  4. Do it out of fear


6)      When you fail in an exam or a test do you-

  1. Start studying again to try in a better way
  2. Try to find out why it happened and share with friends
  3. Ask the tears and gain sympathy
  4. Start crying



  • If most of the answers are A. then one is more of the care a damn kind of a person. He is nowhere close to being emotional and he is least interested in the tasks that he involves himself in. This is not an attitude of positive energy. One should relate to his actions.
  • If most of the answers fall in category B. Then one is a practical mind. He weighs the positives and the negatives.
  • If most of the answers fall in the category C one is a slightly emotional person. He is close to being a soft heart and gets close to any person and situation. He likes everything the way it is.
  • If most of the answers fall in the D category, then one is an emotional fool and one needs to get out of his emotional dreamy world and gets into the world of reality.

 Thanks & Regards

Vijay Dalwani


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